Crypto Exchange UBLEX Launches Virtual Financial Asset Management Service

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Crypto Exchange UBLEX Launches Virtual Financial Asset Management Service
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If compared with asset management services that already exist in the financial market, UBLEX’s newly-launched VFAM service boasts easy registration and simple commission calculation.

On April 25, newly created global crypto exchange UBLEX has announced the launch of its Virtual Financial Asset Management (VFAM) service. As the company stated, VFAM will enable crypto investors to manage their digital assets with no short-term end time.

For the launch of VFAM, UBLEX is preparing two products, ‘Beginning VFAM’ and ‘Get 1 BTC project’.

‘Beginning VFAM’ provides an additional interest rate of 1% per person for inviting friends who have not yet joined the product. The product is subject to a basic annual interest rate of 4% and up to a maximum of 100 people can become a commodity with a maximum annual interest rate of 105%. Users are able to deposit from 0.03 BTC up to 2 BTC, with the deposit period making up 90 days excluding the recruitment period.

As for ‘Get 1 BTC project’, this product allows users to get 1 BTC when they deposit 0.995 BTC after 30 days. But only 10,000 people can subscribe to the product and receive 0.005BTC.

Further, all clients may celebrate ‘Welcome Point’ and receive 0.03 BTC that can be used to sign up for VFAM products and get additional revenue by raising the deposit. However, transactions and transfers are not allowed on the UBLEX.

If compared with asset management services that already exist in the financial market, UBLEX’s VFAM has numerous advantages including easy registration and simple commission calculation.

UBLEX spokesperson said:

“We think VFAM will be the best choice for the management of digital assets with unique volatility.”

Moreover, UBLEX is partnering with Future Money, a block-chain asset investment company that uses machine learning, distributed computing, and big data to find connections in the world’s data, to develop an operational strategy for maximizing customer assets.

Starting from April 25, Virtual Financial Asset Management service will be available on the UBLEX website.

In the future, UBLEX is planning to add other financial services focused on digital assets. But already now its clients have an opportunity to enjoy very exclusive and beneficial offers launched by the company.


UBLEX is a global digital asset exchange, serving advanced financial experience and creating better blockchain ecosystem for the world. Launched in March this year, UBLEX is fully vested in and managed by UBX Global Trading Group Limited, a Republic of Seychelles incorporated entity or its relevant authorized affiliates.

UBLEX aims at achieving symbiosis with their customers, project teams and all participants of the crypto industry, as well as providing investors globally with an opportunity to trade and manage their own digital assets as easily and securely as possible.

Earlier this month, UBLEX opened the USDT and Bitcoin exchange markets, which was an important step for the exchange. Currently, its customers can work with BTC, ETH, USTD, and EOS. More assets are expected to be supported in the future.

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