Crypto Fund ‘Bitcoin Capital’ Managed by Max Keiser Raises $1.56M via Crowdfunding

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Crypto Fund ‘Bitcoin Capital’ Managed by Max Keiser Raises $1.56M via Crowdfunding
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Bitcoin Capital, an investment fund launched by Max Keiser, has closed its $1.6 million crowdfunding round at

Venture capital fund Bitcoin Capital has raised $1.6 million through its crowdfunding campaign that started on May 14. The fund is operated by financial journalist Max Keiser and entrepreneur Simon Dixon, who is also a co-founder of investment website, which hosted the funding round.

The final amount of investments even surpassed the initial goal of Bitcoin Capital to get $1 million.  Under the agreement, all investors will obtain a 50% equity in the fund.

Bitcoin Capital is an investment fund for professional investors who want exposure to the growth of the blockchain technology and digital currencies. It offers a range of investments, including new startups, bitcoin mining and digital currency trading.

In order to raise money through the fund, cryptocurrency startups have to first generate finance via crowdfunding on, then qualify for equity crowdfunding on platform and raise at least 50% of the amount they were targeted at. Only after proving their concept the startups will be able to qualify for Bitcoin Capital. By the way, cryptocurrency crowdfunding venture StartJOIN was also launched by Keiser.

One third of all finance Bitcoin Capital invests in mining, which is used for paying dividends to investors in virtual currency. This makes it different from other venture capital investment companies, where investors wait longer to receive a return. Moreover, Bitcoin Capital will become the first venture capital fund that will pay out daily dividends in virtual money. The remaining part of the funds Bitcoin Capital invests in digital tokens and cryptocurrencies.

To provide diversification and spread out the risk, the fund will put money in different sectors of the cryptocurrency economy. A part of the funds will be invested in the fund’s bitcoin mining rig in Iceland, what will help to ensure steady investment returns for investors.

Max Keiser is a known figure in the financial sector due to his collaborations with BBC and Al Jazeera. Currently, he writes for Huffington Post and hosts a show about finance and markets on Resonance FM. Besides, he is a host of the financial program on Russian state media channel RT, called Keiser Report.

Keiser is also known for his active support of the decentralized digital currency, recognizing its potential to change the world. For many years, he has been openly criticizing the traditional financial system. He also said in one interview that he would base the entire economy on the digital money.

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