Crypto Market Evolves: One-Tap Solutions are About to Disrupt the Industry

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by Michael Ross-Johnson · 3 min read
Crypto Market Evolves: One-Tap Solutions are About to Disrupt the Industry
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Michael Ross-Johnson, crypto enthusiast and a CEO at Chatex, shares his vision of most common challenges faced by crypto newcomers when entering the sphere, presenting the solution – universal click-and-go crypto exchange.

Modern economy is based on the main pillar – harmonization. Alas, cryptocurrency market is an ever-evolving environment, where harmonization and simplicity are ignored by exchanges and other crypto-related businesses. There’s still a sort of technological threshold that many would-be crypto enthusiasts face while entering the market. Protracted registration procedures, unfriendly interfaces and non-transparent approaches to storing only make crypto sketchy for mere mortals.

People are Skeptic about Crypto – that Needs to be Changed

Unsurprisingly, it’s no easy task to get layman users involved into the crypto market. Many are unlikely to operate with crypto, because they just do not understand the very essence of crypto and the way it is transacted and stored. Michael Ross-Johnson, a CEO of Chatex, an Estonia-based company, which recently launched its Telegram-based p2p crypto exchange, comments:

“Crypto community seeks for complex solutions that will allow to obtain, trade or sell crypto anytime, anywhere. However, many ‘greenfield’ projects are just not able to cut through the noise with their seemingly user-friendly and at the same time secured solutions. You may ask why, but the answer is simple: having witnessed a great number of scams and vulnerable projects, in 2018 community takes crypto startups with a pinch of salt.”

Is There a Solution?

Offering something to crypto enthusiasts without eventful roadmap and strong partnerships with giants is impossible, and hardly anyone could argue. Chatex is one of a few pioneering projects which is already supported by respective giant.

On October 15th, the company launched its universal click-and-go crypto exchange, that operates with institutional-grade, cold-storage, multi-signature BitGo wallets for each type of cryptocurrency. Chatex bot is available to anyone with a standard smartphone, laptop or PC and does not require deep knowledge and experience in crypto. The service is automatic: all one should do is to sign into the bot and search for an appropriate application. Chatex offers real-time arbitration to keep the deals flowing smoothly.

Security is the Chatex’s Cornerstone

Besides being backed by BitGo, exchange is fully compliant with EU GDPR 2016/679 for data protection and privacy for individuals within the EU and the European Economic Area. Noteworthy, Chatex also provides users with the option of creating the PIN code security measures for wallet access.

Chatex team has done a really great job on creating a fertile ground for the development of its brainchild. According to company’s plans, it’s seeking for a global expansion, and will soon launch bots on Facebook, Kakao, Skype and Kik.

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Author: Michael Ross-Johnson

Michael Ross-Johnson has impressive working experience from RBC media holding, WDSSPR, Drofa LLC. He also worked as a project manager in fintech company Bankex. Initially specializing in marketing and PR, Michael expanded his area of focus getting interested in cryptos, which led him to holding CEO position at Chatex, Estonia-based company, which recently launched its Telegram-based p2p crypto exchange.

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