Crypto Winter Looks To Thaw Paving The Way For Takeovers From USD Coin, Tether and Big Eyes Coin

Place/Date: - January 10th, 2023 at 10:08 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) glides passed the 13 million USD mark over the weekend. Currently in its presale this coin has gathered an increasing legion of avid supporters. The long crypto winter we’ve all just experienced looks to be slowly thawing out. The darkest days look to be behind us.

Big Eyes Coin has exploded due to its impressive meme pivot and utility. Big Eyes uses the cute and cuddly image of an anime cat to weave the story of a plucky kitten looking to satiate himself with only the best farm raised fish. How do they intend to do this? 5% of the wallet will go to charities and initiatives concerned with the welfare of the planet and the sustainability of marine life. Building a community of people who are able to enjoy the fun and comedic value of meme culture while exchanging NFT’s and giving back to climate and environmental causes.

Crypto Winter Looks To Thaw Paving The Way For Takeovers From USD Coin, Tether and Big Eyes Coin

Currently in its presale stage it makes all the sense in the world to jump aboard at this early stage while its price is so low. Big Eyes looks to imitate the incredible progression of meme tokens Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, creating a new space for those interested in embarking on their own crypto journey while keeping the experience fun and free from the drudgery of much of the fintech sector.

Tether Provides Some Calm Against The Storm

Tether is an exciting prospect that looks to reflect the market share of the US dollar. This stable coin has firmly cemented itself near the top of the leaderboard. Nestling in just behind Godfather token Bitcoin and Ethereum. The key idea behind tether is to place the US dollar within the remit of a digital currency while giving it some stability, something not easily achieved in the crypto space. It was in 2019 when Tether beat Bitcoin for the highest trading volume. Tethers uses come in the form of its ability to be traded easily for other cryptos across many of the most widely used exchanges and its ability to offer stable liquidity across those exchanges.

Crypto Winter Looks To Thaw Paving The Way For Takeovers From USD Coin, Tether and Big Eyes Coin

USDC Has Friends On Both Sides Of The Finance Aisle

USD Coin (USDC) is yet another exciting prospect that looks to hook itself upon the steady ship that is the US dollar. As of 2020 the team behind it have created an impressive upgrade to its current protocol and smart contract. The obvious and instant benefit to this is the ability to make speedier day to day payments alongside commerce and peer-to-peer. Transparency has stood this team in mighty good stead as they’ve promised that $1 will allow the withdrawal of 1 USDC. While intimately understanding that crypto is the future of currency they have also wisely harnessed their links to existing financial institutions securing funding from juggernauts BlackRock, Fin Capital and others that generated a smooth $400m. If you’re looking to minimise your potential risks than look no further than USD Coin (USDC).

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