CryptoHunt Announces the First Decentralized AR Game ‘CryptoHunt’

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CryptoHunt Announces the First Decentralized AR Game ‘CryptoHunt’
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CryptoHunt has disclosed the details of its crypto game ‘CryptoHunt’, based on the blockchain and leveraging AR features.

Blockchain and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions leader, CryptoHunt, has unveiled new details for its exciting location based game “CryptoHunt”. CryptoHunt is the first decentralized AR game that rewards gamers for using their brains to solve puzzles through the platform’s native CryptoHunt (CH) tokens. The game’s public demo has already been released and is now publicly available for gamers to try out its innovative features.

CryptoHunt is an imaginative game incorporating trivia knowledge in a truly novel way for players. Players earn tokens for completing tasks in their immediate surroundings and play with their friends. CryptoHunt leverages blockchain and geolocation to create a truly unique game that allows users to put their skills and intelligence to play, solving riddles and collecting CryptoHunt tokens.

CryptoHunt is redefining how players interact with games and how they are rewarded. Similar to Pokemon GO, CryptoHunt enables players to get out, get active, solve puzzles, and get earn CH tokens. However, the platform aims to take its reward mechanism one step by adding real-life value to it through a Visa CryptoHunt card. The card will enable players to cash out their earnings and physically spend them.

CryptoHunt’s demo was launched to showcase the game’s capabilities prior to its Token Generation Event. The demo allows players to test-drive it in real-life and real-time, fully exploring the exciting features the game has on offer. Players will be able to savor the quality of the game through 10 challenging levels. Players who successfully complete up to 10 levels in the demo will be awarded with a 10% bonus on their contribution to the TGE.

The ICO begins on March 1, 2018 and ends on March 15, 2018. Individual minimum cap has been set at 0.1 ETH, while the max contribution is 15 ETH. Contributors are encouraged to complete the whitelisting process, which includes a Proof of Care requirement.

The CryptoHunt app is readily available for download on either the Android Playstore or iOS store. Players can easily set up and account and connect with Professor Crypto to start earning CH tokens by solving problems for the professor. The problems involves searching for specific item or answer throughout the player’s city. Only after locating the correct treasure chest containing the specified item or answer is the player rewarded.

To progress through the game, players have to earn collectible items, cosmetic upgrades, and rank up from completing certain missions. Every item located and won is uniquely the player’s and will be registered on the blockchain. This means that players can always be certain that there’s no other copy of their item in another player’s inventory, incentivizing game play, community engagement, and making the game truly a “collectible game”.

CryptoHunt’s aim is not only to unite crypto enthusiasts, but also to encourage and provide an earning platform for anybody looking to get involved in cryptos.

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