Cryptoindex Platform Wants to Become the ‘Dow Jones’ of the Crypto Market

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Cryptoindex Platform Wants to Become the ‘Dow Jones’ of the Crypto Market
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Indices have proved their efficiency in the traditional markets – and now they are here to change the trading experience of the crypto investors. The AI-powered algorithm uses over 80 parameters to analyze over 1000 coins – and the result of its work is the balanced basket of top 100 cryptocurrencies.

Dow Jones Index, The Standard & Poor’s 500, Nasdaq Composite – these terms are familiar to almost every person who is at least a little bit interested in the financial sphere. Indices have proved to one of the most effective tools for professional trading that minimize risks and help to choose the most profitable investing strategy.

What is more, indices are working great for the markets which have to deal with diversity and high volatility. Cryptoindex platform has applies the concept of indices to the crypto market – and this work has resulted in the creation of an AI-based cryptocurrency index that is based on over 80 analyzed factors.

The core algorithm of Cryptoindex is called Zorax. It was created by a team of talented mathematicians who have spent over 13 years working in the sphere of market evaluation and trading strategy experience.

The algorithm analyzes over 1000 coins in terms of over 80 parameters – and creates the balanced basket of top 100 coins. The whole process is completely automated and any human influence is minimized. Zorax works in real time which means that no significant changes will be missed.

The Cryptoindex platform offers its users various opportunities to improve their trading experience. They get a chance to automate the diversification of their crypto portfolio and track formulas and metrics through the platform. Nevertheless, the main attraction of Cryptoindex is the CIX100 token.

Effective portfolio diversification may be a complicated task even for an experienced investor. The CIX100 token eliminates most of the risks associated with cryptocurrencies as it gets balanced on the current top 100 cryptocurrencies on the market. CIX100 is expected to get listed on most of the popular exchanges with its own set price. However, Cryptoindex claims to save the reference to the index.

The CIX100 token is not only a convenient and effective way to invest like a pro – it also provides its owners with a number of promising possibilities. Token holders will get the access to the purchasing datasets and other analytical services developed by Cryptoindex.

The private presale of the token started on the 5th of July – and the public sale is already awaited. The first CIX100 owners will enjoy various benefits which include 3 month of free access and premium status on Cryptoindex platform. The partner of Cryptoindex also provides the first buyers with a Liquidity Provision Programme during the token sale.

Cryptoindex is the platform created by financial specialists with strong mathematical and technical background who understand the needs of crypto investors. It is evident that the development of the project can benefit a lot to the work of investors and eliminate the risks associated with high volatility. The simplicity of the Cryptoindex’s approach will make it easier for novice investors to find their way into the sphere. But the influence of Cryptoindex may turn out to be deeper.

The more reliable financial tools will migrate from the old-world finance markets to the crypto sphere, the more professionals will switch to the blockchain-based world. This process is an inevitable part of the development of the new crypto-financial sphere. And Cryptoindex has the potential to play an important role in this transition.

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