CryptoPing’s ICO Expands, More than 115 Bitcoin Raised

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CryptoPing’s ICO Expands, More than 115 Bitcoin Raised
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The CryptoPing project aims to raise 1000 BTC to launch an effective service and attract new followers to the network.

The new CryptoPing project has launched its ICO that will last until June 25 00.00 UTC or until the amount of 1000 BTC is reached, according to the press release. As for now, 808 investors have totally invested 116.07 BTC.

There is a generous referral program consisting of 2 stages for all ICO participants.

  1. ICO stage. Time limit: ICO dates.
  • 10% of tokens purchased by the friend you invited, will be awarded to your account after ICO ends.
  • 15% discount will be provided for investments of 100 BTC and more.
  1. Post-ICO stage: Time limit: starts right after ICO finishes.
  • You will receive 15% from CryptoPing services purchases of users who have registered using your link.
  • 7% will be received by you from the expenses of the referral of your initial referral.
  • 3%  respectively you will get from the person who followed CryptoPing in the 3rd line from your initial referral.

CryptoPing is an alternative cryptocurrency intelligence bot. People standing behind the project address the challenge of making a good trade on cryptocurrency market. There are a number of factors and events shaping the market so even experienced traders sometimes find it difficult to take all of them into account.

CryptoPing offers a solution — an assistant bot that will follow market changes and will inform you if it is a good time to buy a certain altcoin.

“Bot’s market watching and analysis algorithms are already tested and verified in practice. Users can easily sign up and activate the bot and start to get signals from exchanges right away. Being experienced or new trader, no user gets any advantage over other bot users, because all users receive all signals at the time. It’s up to traders to weigh the market in signals’ context and make all trading decisions by themselves”, CryptoPing team says.

The public beta-testing phase of CryptoPing project was started in March. Since then, more than 10000 active users have joined.

As for now, the bot informs subscribers in Telegram with Slack to be added soon.

The CryptoPing team aims to improve bot’s algorithms and sets an ambitious goal – to create a social trading and educational platform for experienced traders to impart knowledge so that new traders could quickly get into action while avoiding major mistakes.

As soon as the ICO ends, CryptoPing Tokens will be added to several exchanges, while their price will be constantly increasing due to limited supply and user base expansion. Totally 9,000,000 tokens based on Waves platform are to be issued for ICO worth 1000 BTC.

The developers will reserve additional 1,000,000 tokens for one-level 10% referral program. They will burn 75% of subscription fees paid in tokens since they are going to hold the price of CryptoPing high. This means that gaining high profit from the ICO is not the aim. The team sees the launch of effective service and attraction of new followers to the network as its primary target.

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