CryptoPing’s ICO Raised 65% of Initially Planned Funding

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CryptoPing’s ICO Raised 65% of Initially Planned Funding
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CryptoPing is planning to launch new subscription-based services once the ICO ends while the beta-version is already released.

Here is the last week (meaning the last chance) to take part in CryptoPing’s ICO that has already raised 65% of the initially expected funding in dollars (considering the price of btc/usd at the time when ICO has started). No wonder that investors take a tender interest in the ICO since token prices will be constantly increasing due to limited supply and user base expansion.

As for now, more than 25,000 active users are looking forward to the launch of subscription based services and social sharing. CryptoPing is planning to make new subscription-based services available once the ICO ends.

CryptoPing, a provider of an Altcoin intelligence bot, has already released a free beta-version of its services. This vastly explains the interest of investors as they feel secure investing in the product they have already known and tested. As a matter of fact, CryptoPing attracts about 500 new users every single day.

The company enumerates a number of obvious advantages of its subscription-based services including:

– Immediate signal delivery
– More data in signals
– Availability of whitelists, blacklists and other ways to filter coins
– Signal sensitivity personalization
– Signal frequency personalization
– History of signals and price performance for each coin in a user’s dashboard
– Early access to new features
– Access to an upcoming social trading platform

As of today, it is known that subscriptions will be paid in PING tokens. CryptoPing is planning to burn 75% of subscription fees during 6 months after subscription is introduced, and 25% of fees for a year after that.

CryptoPing offers an attractive 15% discount for investments of more than 100 BTC, which will allow getting 15% more tokens for the same investment amount. Besides, if a participant invites a friend to the ICO, 10% of tokens purchased by this friend will be awarded to his account once the ICO ends. As a reminder, the CryptoPing’s ICO will last until midnight (00.00 UTC) of June 25, 2017.

On June 12, CryptoPing added the fourth exchange for bot’s analysis. Yobit was chosen as it deals with many highly volatile altcoins that CryptoPing’s bot is aimed to analyze. The bot sends signals to traders to assist them in the analysis of market changes and trading decisions making. The signals include information on the coin ticker, the cryptocurrency exchange that initiated the signal, trading volumes, exchange rates, and coin market capitalization.

“Early bot adopters have already discovered the quality and utility of bot signals. There are about one thousand of altcoins out there, nobody can track everything, and the bot works just right: there are numerous cases when it sent signals right before a coin pump or even long before that”, CryptoPing says.

As for now, there are Discord and Slack version of the bot released. CryptoPing explains in its roadmap that both individual users and online communities will be able to use the bot on their favorite communication platforms with ease without switching to Telegram.

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