CryptoUnit Scam Hypothesis Denied

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CryptoUnit Scam Hypothesis Denied
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“CryptoUnit-scam” hypothesis is not verified no matter how many times it appears in the searching engines. The main reasons why it’s false are explained here.

The advent of cryptocurrencies has bred a slew of scam projects that have siphoned billions of dollars from trusting investors. The emergence of the CryptoUnit project has instantly evoked a familiar sense in the minds of those acquainted with it – “CryptoUnit-scam”. 

However, the “CryptoUnit-scam” hypothesis does not hold up, no matter how many times internet users enter this phrase query in search engines. There are a lot of reasons why it is false. Let’s see them explained herein.

First and foremost, the CryptoUnit is part of the NEEW program implementation, or the New Economic Evolution of the World, which is a special undertaking aimed at allowing people to become the stakeholders and shareholders of global companies by removing high investment entry barriers. The CryptoUnit is a special finance program that gives its participants the chance of becoming shareholders of a major investment fund, which operates in all the major sectors of the investment market.

The portfolio of Global Investment Fund was transferred to the project of this financial program as an existing asset and will be used for further expansion with other profitable investment instruments. The volume of the share of each participant will be determined by the number of CryptoUnit tokens the user holds as part of the investment package.

As part of the loyalty program, users will be receiving income every month. After the issuance and registration of CryptoUnit CRU tokens at around October 15, 2020, its holders will be able to receive dividends in the amount of 8 to 35% of the investment fund assets profit.

Apart from the fact that the undertaking is completely legal, it will be conducting its own STO (Security Token Offerings) to minimize the risk of fraud. It is a high-level investor protection instrument that tethers the value of the token to securities or company shares. Everyone issuing STOs is subject to audits and strict regulatory measures. To ensure greater community involvement, the CryptoUnit community will be able to select the auditing Asset Management Company through an open voting procedure. The STO will be organized only after the CryptoUnit program receives the necessary certification and legal authorization from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States. The need for legal regulation automatically negates the possibility of a scam or a fraud in the enterprise.

In addition to offering guaranteed dividend payouts, participation in the CryptoUnit program will also provide its users with educational investment programs. This approach to investment is the underlying principle of the CryptoUnit program, as it aims to give people the tutoring and mentoring needed to make sound and profitable investment decisions.

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