Crystal Clear Services Launches ICO On September, 1

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Crystal Clear Services Launches ICO On September, 1
Crystal Clear Services CEO Alexander Veretennikov Photo: Crystal Clear Services

Crystal Clear Tokens are to bring revolution to the existing system of providing services by addressing stumbling blocks of both – customers and performers.

Crystal Clear Services (CCT) aims to reinvent and revolutionize the way customers and service providers connect, negotiate and execute paid services through the transparent service platform.

The team behind the CCT created a system that eliminates the middlemen and serves as an open and transparent marketplace where all executed services are recorded in a blockchain which can be viewed by the public but can’t be edited. This means there is no place for performance ratings’ and costs’ manipulation.

Problems that CCT addresses

First of all, it’s customer outreach. At the moment online freelance services tend to be used by people engaged in business or in IT. This preconditions the fact that only around 18% of the population are involved into the online market operation, which is really small percentage as, for example, local services are used by every second if not by everyone.

Then comes the relationship “expectation-reality”.  Unfortunately, often a customer may be left dissatisfied with the quality of services done. Sometimes, untrustworthy service providers can inflate their prices, offer below standard services and leave customers feeling ripped off. Today, it takes quite a lot of time firstly to find a suitable service provider, then find out the reviews (which, by the way may have been paid for or negative feedback was deleted).

It would be dishonest not to mention, that it is almost impossible for the contractor to prove their worth beforehand, and there is always a risk to face untrustworthy customer, who does not pay for the service.

All in all, both customers and providers are subject to constant risks of not achieving the expected and agreed upon result. This is a major factor, which slows down the further rapid growth of services to the population.

Main advantages of the Crystal Clear Services

  • Decentralized Service System – market is to be self-regulated and open for all participants;
  • Transparency of All Transactions And Prices – due to recording of all executed services in a non-editable and viewable blockchain;
  • Real reviews and recommendations – it will be impossible to delete or alter reviews, so they will show the true state of affairs;
  • True experience of service provider – a participant will be able to see and evaluate previous works and requested prices of the service provider;
  • System of bonuses and awards – participants will be able to receive rewards in the form of the Crystal Clear Token (CCT) for various actions performed on the platform.

According to Crystal Clear Services’ whitepaper, both customers and service providers will benefit from the new platform.

Crystal Clear Token’s (CCT) ICO

All participants of the system will have the opportunity to use CCT tokens to pay for the services available in the system, which will ensure the liquidity of the CCT token from the real sector of the economy. After the pre-ICO and the main stage of the ICO, tokens will be released into free circulation on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Each token holder will be able to participate in court to solve complex situations and receive additional tokens for the help of other participants. Also participants of the system will be able to transfer tokens to any other participant at their own desire.

The ICO starts on September 1, and will continue till October 1.

According to the Crystal Clear Services, during this period buyers of CCT Tokens will receive the following bonuses:

  • The first hour is 40%
  • The first day – 30%
  • First week – 25%
  • The second week – 20%
  • The third week – 15%
  • The fourth week 10%

The planned amount for the collection is $ 5.000.000,00: 50% of which will go to system development, 25% will be used for global marketing and involvement of system participants, 15% will be devoted to financial and legal issues, and the remaining 10% is team and administrative resources.

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