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DataBockchain Announces Partnership With Virtual DBS

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 2 min read
DataBockchain Announces Partnership With Virtual DBS
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DataBlockchain has collaborated with Virtual DBS to develop the world’s first ecosystem offering customized analytics for both customers and markets.

A revolutionary data platform DataBlockchain represents an ultimate use-case for blockchain integration through their DBCC token ecosystem. The platform combines big data, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

The company has recently announced a collaboration with Virtual DBS, a marketing industry innovator which controls users’ data to maximize its marketing effectiveness.

Virtual DBS represents itself a breakthrough industry giant, which compiles business, consumer and specialty databases providing hundreds of demographic variables to identify the users’ ideal prospects. The company’s in-house modeling division creates powerful, actionable models to help users achieve their marketing goals. The intuitive online data tools provide instant customer and prospect data access and exceptional data processing capabilities.

Within the recent collaboration, DataBlockchain plans to utilize Virtual DBS’s powerful big data experience for the new platform’s further development. In an aim to leverage innovative blockchain technology, the alliance allows clients to access and purchase comprehensive marketing data via a secure frictionless platform.

Virtual DBS is also very excited about the partnership with DataBlockchain, aiming to deliver technology and acquisition, retention and growth for both parties’ clients, enabling them to feel the full benefit of Machines Learning and Blockchain together. The main goal of the new alliance is to bring a unique and powerful market intelligence to businesses of all sizes.

Both recently collaborated companies will work on the DataBlockchain platform’s further enhancement, together developing its features. The platform is to become the world’s first ecosystem to offer customized analytics for both customers and markets, leveraging security benefits of blockchain technology and being powered by artificial intelligence. This will enable businesses to make forecasts about their customers’ potential behavior in order to maximize effectiveness and both companies’ reach.

This collaborative effort enhances the DataBlockchain market strengths and we’re looking forward to offering this innovative service to the platforms clientele. Leveraging Virtual DBS expertise in analytics and digital marketing, the platform will enable clients to accurately target their audience and reach them with innovative digital content.

The platform is designed to tackle the issues surrounding the marketing and advertising industry, which in 2018 was valued at USD 591 billion. DataBlockchain is here to provide proprietary data, ranging from governmental, industry specific variety of data sets valuable to individuals from any industry backgrond.

DataBlockchain has recently launched its pre-sale, allowing investors to purchase the native token at a discounted from the initial launch price which will be available on June 27th.

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