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DataBroker DAO Extends Its Token Sale and Plans to Win Chinese IoT Market

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
DataBroker DAO Extends Its Token Sale and Plans to Win Chinese IoT Market
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DataBroker DAO has announced the extension of its token sale with a special bonus for the participants, planning to take advantage of Chinese IoT market.

DataBroker DAO, a decentralized marketplace for IoT sensor data, has recently announced that its DTX token sale will be officially prolonged to June 30th, 2018. All participants will be rewarded with an extra bonus for each DTX purchased. The bonus tokens received will be unlocked in three months after the token sale is completed.

The news about the token sale extension has come concurrently with DataBroker DAO’s further expansion to China, where, according to the predictions, the IoT data market is set to boom.

Since the official start of its token sale, the blockchain-based project has continued to grow rapidly. Several upgrades have been implemented successfully, and the company’s goals have broadened significantly.

The extension was brought about mostly by the online communities starving for clarification on what would happen with unsold tokens. After taking into account all aspects and opinions, the company has finally decided to redistribute the unsold tokens to the community.

Moreover, all participants who have already purchased tokens will be entitled to an equal amount of bonus DTX tokens. The current rate of 1 ETH = 4,000 DTX will also be doubled to 8,000 DTX for the duration of the token sale. When the token sale is finished, all bonus tokens will be locked for three months before the distribution starts. The additional timeframe of the token sale thus also extends participation opportunities to new stakeholders to join in support of the project.

According to the ongoing market analysis, the Chinese IoT market, which is currently estimated at $80 billion, is forecasted to double by the year 2020. Keeping up with the market trends, DataBroker DAO has postponed its CoinFalcon listing to the end of the token sale and decided to be listed on a reputable China-based exchange instead.

DataBroker DAO will also go on a road tour through China, planning to target Beijing, Shanghai and possibly two other cities to introduce the platform to an eager market, targeting 108 million DTX for sale. All potentially interested stakeholder contacts in these Chinese markets are invited to apply for introductions on behalf of team members headed to China.

The highly anticipated dataset feature that gives selling opportunities of “processed datasets” by data buyers, is expected to go live on the dApp this week. The project believes that the monetization of AI, Big Data and aggregation enriched data can lead to further spurts of innovations with limitless potential.

The developers in collaboration with external experts are also working hard on finalizing release contracts and implementing a bridging system between DTX and the Ethereum Mainnet, using a proof of authority network based on Parity to run the application.

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