DataBroker DAO Announces Global Roadshow Dates

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DataBroker DAO, marketplace for selling and buying sensor data, announced when and where it will present its solution welcoming like-minded individuals and forward-thinking organizations.

More and more often researchers and organizations are finding it an uphill battle to source for data from users, often having to acquire this data at exorbitant prices from big data companies. However, how it’s collected and who truly owns it remains a hotly contested topic between distributors, sources, and users. The crux of these concerns stems from a single source – intermediaries.

Expected to reach a $1.2 trillion marketplace by 2019, IoT is one of the fastest growing tech industries and an unparallelled source of data. At the same time, most of the data captured by these devices remain locked up in silos and walled gardens with no way of unlocking it. At current output rates, this means the value of locked away data will reach 120 billion next year. Leveraging a proprietary, smart contract-based marketplace on the Ethereum network, DataBrokerDAO is unlocking this value through their gateway marketplace.

A Global Marketplace for Local Data

DataBrokerDAO is a decentralized marketplace ecosystem for individuals and organizations to buy and sell sensor data. Users can now seamlessly exchange data for research and analytical purposes without requiring mediators. Through their own gateway operator, sensor owners can put up the data generated by their sensors for sale using DataBrokerDAO DTX token, while buyers can locate and access the data they need using the same DTX token.

To bring the global community up to speed on its exciting new marketplace, DataBrokerDAO has announced the list of dates for its globe trotting roadshow. Starting on April 16th, the company will be presenting its solution at various conferences and forums all over the world, engaging like-minded individuals and forward-thinking organizations to showcase its capabilities.

DataBrokerDAO has released the schedule for the roadshow as follows:

  • May 2-3: Future Blockchain Summit, Dubai.
  • May 3: FPA Connects, Dubai.
  • May 2-5: AND& Festival, Louvain, Belgium.
  • May 3-4: Arch Blockchain Summit, Luxembourg.
  • May 3-4: Blockchain in Health, London, UK.
  • May 12-13: World Satoshi Summit, New Delhi, India.
  • June 6: IOT Smart Cities Convention Europe, Antwerp, Belgium.
  • June 11-14: MoneyConf, Dublin, Ireland.
  • July 9-13: Rise Conference, Hong Kong, China.
  • October 22-25: SIBOS, Sydney, Australia.

DataBroker Token Sale and Roadmap

DataBroker already has the beta version of its trading platform out for the public, allowing users to familiarize themselves with its many innovations and understand how these features work and interact with one another.

Following the Presale, the platform undergoes its main Token Sale, which started on April 26th and scheduled to last a month till May 26th. The event gives buyers a chance to claim 4000 DTX tokens at the exchange rate of 1 ETH. Project’s generous referral system gives an opportunity to receive 5% bonus on all tokens sold through references.

DataBrokerDAO has announced that their tokens will be available for exchange a week after the conclusion of the TGE on By mid Q2 2018, the platform hopes to migrate to its own mainnet and integrate with gateway operators for mass onboarding of sensor devices.

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