DECENT Will Launch Its Blockchain-Based Content Platform on June 30

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DECENT Will Launch Its Blockchain-Based Content Platform on June 30
CEO of DECENT Matej Michalko. Photo: DECENT

DECENT platform is intended to leverage the blockchain technology to make the online publishing space more cost-effective, transparent and secure.

DECENT claims that the digital revolution is already coming and announces the highly-anticipated date of the Blockchain-based digital content distribution platform launch.

DECENT aims to leverage the blockchain technology to make the online publishing space more cost-effective, transparent and secure. The platform will offer content creators a “better deal” than industry giants such as Amazon.

The team believes that blockchain will allow to ‘free up a huge chunk of spending in the global media and content distribution industry.’ Thus, artists will be able to better control their content and revenues as the need for middlemen will be completely eliminated.

Besides, DECENT pays much attention to the security as the platform is intended to guarantee network safety through the encryption system as each transaction is recorded in an immutable data storage unit.

“The launch of DECENT Network will bring freedom and transparency into the world of content distribution,” said Matej Michalko, founder and CEO of DECENT, in an interview to Coinspeaker.

“Our decentralized and open source blockchain platform ensures the highest levels of trust and security. I am very excited to announce that after all these months of hard work, the Digital Revolution is almost here and DECENT Network is ready to pioneer a new generation of media distribution,” he added.

DECENT started its way in January 2016 when the prototype of the platform was presented. The ICO followed in September and the company managed to raise 5,881 BTC. And now, there are four days left until the platform is officially launched.

“This Mainnet release follows our two Testnet releases, which were available to users that subscribed before launch of the Mainnet. Testnet #1 “Caesar” launched in March and Testnet #2 “Alberti” in May 2017. Thanks to our Testnet participants we were able to test, refine and polish the the DECENT Network into a revolutionary technology”, the DECENT team says in the blog post.

The company team has put a lot of effort to make the goal come true. Digital content distribution will change forever on June 30 and this is mainly due to customers, those people who have contributed greatly to bring digital revolution closer and allow DECENT developing the technology that can disrupt the online content distribution process worldwide.

DECENT strives to offer the process without middlemen, instant payment from content consumer to content owner, and better overall user experience for everyone. The company promises that it is just the beginning of the way and there are many ideas and applications for the technology ahead.

Even earlier than June 30, just in 2 days, the crowdsale of Blockchain-based lottery TrueFlip will start. The company is planning to issue the total amount of 21,000,000 TFL tokens allowing token holders to influence the platform’s further development and receive shares of its profits from raffles. TrueFlip targets to raise 1,000 BTC intended for technical and marketing purposes, as well as to fund the lottery’s jackpot.

The cryptocurrency market has been rather volatile lately. From a price of about $350 or so, Ethereum flash-crashed to just $13 before major exchanges and wallets such as Coinbase began freezing withdraws. A day later ETH was trading back in the mid-$340s.

It’s likely little coincidence that in the same 24-hour period, 80% of the top 10 digital asset climbers fall within a range of just 3.3% of the entire market. Further, prior to leaping out of the gate, 9 out of the top 10 digital asset performers  fell between positions 60-70 on the digital asset leaderboard (comprising around 900 in total); that is less than 1.5% of the whole market.

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