Decentralized Charity Exchange‎ BCharity Streamlines Donations to Your Favorite Charity

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Decentralized Charity Exchange‎ BCharity Streamlines Donations to Your Favorite Charity
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By removing barriers and intermediaries, BCharity platform demonstrates modern applications of blockchain technology for the contribution to the success of humanity going forward.

Over the years, the biggest challenge faced by charitable organizations was a lack of transparently, especially when it comes to funds transfers. However, the implementation of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies shed more light to the giving process, disrupting the traditional methods of charity but still maintaining the underlying concept of philanthropy.

Decentralization helps to overcome barriers prevented donors from giving while removing unnecessary activity that suppresses the effectiveness of charitable foundations. These features will accelerate the evolution of “unbreakable trust and fully transparent” donations and take global charity to a qualitative new level.

The first of its kind, a revolutionary charity exchange platform BCharity utilizes blockchain technology to open up the possibility of decentralization for charitable purposes. Working together the BCharity team comprised of experienced professionals in both cryptocurrency and charity field, has designed an advanced large-scale platform that will help to change the world for the better, by facilitating philanthropic donations via digital currencies and promoting seamless charitable activity.

The BCharity platform represents a global network of organizations and philanthropists, based on the world’s newest asset class to ensure maximum donation output. As cryptocurrencies are unrelated to governments, banks or other financial institutions, the cryptofunds transfers cannot be withheld or cancelled that makes all transactions instantaneous.

BCharity platform empowers donators, who are looking for a cost-effective and secure way to streamline their donations, to use cryptocurrency that will ensure the instant help reaches the recipient. In their turn, individuals in need will no longer rely on traditional approaches to connect with funds.

Seeking to satisfy both traditional fiat currency and modern cryptocurrency users, the platform is going to implement a two-ways solution to receive donations. BCharity users who represent charitable funds, organizations or individuals, will be able to withdraw received donations in their BCharity accounts.

The withdrawal of funds from the platform will be made to Ethereum wallets, which are able to accept tokens of the standard Ethereum ERC20. With the help of exchanges, the BCharity exchange network and strategic locations globally, individuals will also be able to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat, to best utilize the funds by those who need it.

Additionally, the platform will address the language barrier. As soon as English is the most widely accepted language globally, placement of requests for charity fundraising will be made in two languages: in native language of people in need, and in English. In case a person does not have the opportunity, or knowledge, to publish the request in English, they can use “BCharity Translate”. This initiative allows individuals who know different languages but unable to make financial donations to devote their time while becoming an integral part of the global charity eco-system.

The BCharity platform is going to collect funds for further project’s development via ICO that will be launched in June 2018.  For that purpose, the company issues utility BCharity Tokens (CHAR), which are smart contracts based on Ethereum. The BCharity Token can be purchased with all the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Сlassic, Ethereum, DASH, Litecoin, ZCash, Ripple and Monero.

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