Decentralized VR Developer ImmVRse Joins Hands with Bitcoin PR Buzz

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read

A decentralized Blockchain Virtual Reality platform ImmVRse is taking steps to gather the defragmented VR market at one place.

Virtual reality is a serious, established industry these days. Since the dawn of motion pictures, the concept of displaying a scene that is not there to an audience has been the most effective method of communicating concepts and ideas.

From entertainment to education, simple black and white movies to 3D infotainment, there is not doubt that advanced visual communication has changed the world. In modern days, computing and technology has finally caught up with man’s dream of creating a parallel reality, which is so real that the term Virtual Reality was justified.

ImmVRse: Immersing People in the VR Universe

As great as VR is, it has been plagued by multiple issues. Expensive headsets, a limited amount of audio/visual material and inability of developers’ to reach consumers are just a few of the major kinks in the VR armor.

ImmVRse, a decentralized VR platform, is working to restore the defragmented VR market. Giving a launchpad for VR developers, ImmVRse allows DApps to be showcased and marketed on their platform.

This will lead to an exponential growth in available media for users. Consumers will have the advantage of finding a single big repository of VR DApps to choose from, giving ease of access and variety of material.

The business applications of VR, and consequently ImmVRse are immense. Potential areas of use include:

  • Entertainment: Nothing gives more to a viewer than being a part of the story.
  • Advertising: Letting potential consumers look at a product and interact with it.
  • Tourism: Tourists can visit a location or a hotel they wish to stay in.
  • Healthcare: Therapeutic and surgical applications will help doctors and patients alike to train and cure.
  • Education: VR content is a great assistance in learning, from scholarly education to job training.

ImmVRse intends to expand this untapped and broken sector and unlock the true potential through its platform.

Making the Right Partnerships

As a platform that understands how to connect people, ImmVRse has been forging alliances and teaming up with different firms and organizations that will help it to carry forward its mission of making VR the choice of infotainment medium.

The latest strategic partnership has been with Bitcoin PR Buzz (BPRB) a market leader and world’s first professional cryptocurrency and Blockchain PR firm. The agency has more than 500 clients in its 4 year history with an outreach of over 400 online news agencies.

The partnership is a crucial one as it allows ImmVRse to reach out to every corner of the globe with updates and news about its platform. Through this, it hopes to bring talent on board and create thousands of jobs as people and teams develop VR content. These contents and DApps will be available for consumers as free, rent, or for a specific cost, depending on the developers.

Virtual Tokens for a Virtual Reality

The ImmVRse allows content creators and content users to transact (enabling spending and earning) through its native token, the IMV. The token is an Ethereum based ERC20 compliant one that ensures easy, fast and secure transaction between parties.

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