Former Developers from Dell and Visa Launched a Startup to Develop Blockchain Anti-scam Systems

Place/Date: - July 7th, 2022 at 3:44 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Thero 6

Henry Atkins, Jessica Lau, Kan Hyo Son and several other developers who have worked for several years at IT giants Dell and Visa have announced the launch of their own startup “Thero 6”, which will help users and companies around the world prevent and deter fraudulent schemes and projects. The key development of the future company is blockchain firewalls based on cryptographic algorithms for identifying the parent user. By studying this data, the company’s products will be able to warn companies and investors about scam processes, data leaks and attempts to hack projects in the crypto and NFT markets.

Prior to creating their startup, the team members specialized in the development of anti-fraud systems, remote identification systems and software hacking prevention processes. Such a solution now is needed more than ever by the market, especially growing projects in the NFT and GameFi fields.

Kan Hyo Son, CIO “Thero 6”:

“We see the rapid growth of the blockchain technology market and we realize that the participants in this market are currently not protected in any way. We want to offer users a unique software behavior identification technology that can prevent and block potential scams, hacks and cheats. Having studied a large number of such cases, we now understand how such “black” projects and actions can be identified.”

Jessica Lau, co-founder and CCO of “Thero 6”:

“Imagine that you want to put together the strongest math team. How will you select participants? In the audience, you can believe everyone who takes his word that he knows mathematics for 100 points or to pass an exam. A person who has no knowledge in mathematics will try to avoid this exam. But even if he writes this exam, his grade will be extremely low. We figured out this person thanks to a set of tasks he failed. Our algorithms will be based on the same analysis of pre-embedded identification keys of users, but also with a future forecast of the results from its current actions. We will predict how action “A” will affect action “B”. Over time, we will simply collect a whole database of digital footprints of scammers.”

The developers launched the startup in March 2022 and now their team includes 34 developers from South Korea and the United States.

World experts have repeatedly noted that with the advent of the web 3.0 concept, there were practically no technology companies on the market that would take care of the security of assets and personal data of users. And there are more and more scandals with data leakage or theft among known NFT collections. In addition, cases of data loss are already known in the upcoming metaverses.

“Thero 6” is the first tech startup to take the side of user security in the blockchain space.