DetectorToken Launched ICO for Its Blockchain Trading Bot

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DetectorToken Launched ICO for Its Blockchain Trading Bot
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With a new blockchain-based platform, traders will be able to monitor latest market movements and use accumulated data to make right investment decisions.

The Poland-based startup, DetectorToken, has developed a new solution that will make it easier for investors to trade on cryptocurrency markets. On August 20, 2017, the company launched an ICO, aiming to raise fund for further development of the platform.

Currently, it is offering special bonuses for investors participating in the crowdsale. According to the ICO rules, everyone who bought its DTCT tokens before August 30, will get a bonus of 25%, which will reduce to 10% from August 31 till September 9.

Given the growing popularity of token sales, ICO is presented as a most profitable type of investment for people looking to trade in virtual currencies. However, due to a large number of ICOs, it is becoming more difficult to choose what project to invest in.

Developed by a team of professionals in the cryptocurrency market, DetectorToken will help users to take right trading decisions and make profitable investments. Called “Bot Detector”, the blockchain-based bot monitors latest ICO campaigns and provides users with reliable market data. Thus, investors always remain informed about the current investment trends and recent market movements.

With a broad range of investment options, users will can either take their own decisions or use investment strategies of experienced traders by allowing the bot to analyze the accumulated information.

An ICO will help DetectorToken to create a fully automated bot that alerts customers to guide their decisions by telling them when to make an investment and what projects to choose. Following the ICO, the bot will be offered under subscription, providing additional source of income for investors.

Unlike other bots on the market, the platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies, allowing members to track updates for their preferred digital currencies. Besides, it provides insights via a wide range of medium, including Telegram messenger and text messages.

The company is going to distribute a total of 10 million tokens at a price of 1 ETH for 700 DTCTs. All the unsold tokens will be burnt once the ICO is completed.

Large part of the funds will go for marketing purposes, including promotion of the service on different platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 35% will be spent on further development of the system to add more features, and the remaining 30% will be used to scale the platform.

Contributions are accepted in ETH, which must be sent from personal Ethereum wallets and not from exchanges, such as Coinbase, Poloniex, and Bittrex. Besides, citizens of the USA and Hong Kong are not allowed to take part in a crowdsale.

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