Digital Currency for Social Media, FreedomCoin™ Exchange and Minutemen Reserve (MMR) Announces ICO on June 29, 2017

June 29th, 2017 at 8:54 pm UTC · 4 min read

Denver-based digital solutions platform FreedomCoin Exchange has announced the launch of the Minutemen Reserve (MMR) ICO. The FreedomCoin Exchange crowdsale of Minutemen Reserve starts on June 29, 2017, offering an opportunity for freedom lovers and investors to participate in an aspect of the worldwide Liberty Movement.

Minutemen Reserve (MMR) is a featured currency that will fuel the company’s multifaceted social media and content sharing platform — Users will be able to purchase and/or earn the cryptocurrency through various activities on the platform, which can be used to buy goods and services on with Minutemen Reserve (MMR) which will be utilized as money from day one.
The company’s platform offers users an alternative to other social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. However, unlike these popular social media platforms, has its own monetized infrastructure that enables people to earn Minutemen.
The team has already created a couple of products, of which FreedomTube is one. It is a YouTube-like video sharing platform integrated with The video platform allows content creators to post videos and earn Minutemen. The online marketplace, FreedomMarket shares similarities with the popular Craigslist where buyers and sellers can interact with each other and conduct transactions using Minutemen Reserve (MMR) currency.
With more than one way to earn Minutemen, the platform incentivizes people to be active on the social media by posting and interacting with other posts, videos, and people on it. The community earns Minutemen by posting, liking, sharing and referring others to the platform. And finally, Minutemen Reserve (MMR) can be bought over the platform by credit card or by exchanging Bitcoin. is also a platform for independent media and offers free IPTV for media broadcast from satellite, IP camera, PC, DVR or smartphone. The platform also supports free WebRTC to facilitate live interviews combined with screen sharing. The company has partnered with several major YouTube channels and is currently in the process of partnering with hundreds of independent media outlets that are affected by other social media censorship policies. YouTube channels that are being censored and had their revenues destroyed can now earn revenue from a cryptocurrency that is also utilized as money from day one.
The CEO of Freedom Currency Inc., Kent Lewiss describing the platform said,
“Independent media now has a platform to report the truth on what is occurring worldwide and provide a platform to for people worldwide to be free from corporate media propaganda. Qualified independent media outlets can take advantage of the free video conferencing combined with screen sharing to conduct live interviews, then save and post as a video as well as distribute in multiple social media platforms.”

Offering an insight into the upcoming developments, Lewiss adds,
“We are also in the process or rolling out our FreedomMerchant API in which businesses worldwide can plug into their websites and utilize our payment gateway.” offers a unique opportunity for the people to be part of a platform that befits the definition of a free world while supporting free speech and unhindered access to truthful information. The creators of have made it easier for everyone to participate in the ICO by enabling Visa and MasterCard payments to purchase Minutemen Reserve (MMR).

Once the ICO is underway, investors will be able to register themselves on the platform and buy the first 1 million Minutemen at a unit price of $0.25, the platform will release the second batch of 1,000,000 Minutemen priced at $0.35, third batch of 1,000,000 Minutemen at $0.45 and the final batch of Minutemen at $0.55 per unit.

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