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Europe-based Start-Up Promises ‘Easy Crypto For Everyone’

March 20th, 2021 at 10:46 am UTC · 6 min read

After a long period of consolidation, the development of digital currencies is gaining momentum again. In addition to the established workhorse Bitcoin, applications and tokens in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi) saw rapid development during the last year. Despite enormous growth rates in users and investment volumes, this trend has not yet reached the mainstream. Still a major obstacle to successful mass adoption is the technical complexity of existing applications, which up to now are mostly used by technically experienced users only. The European Start-Up Savix is aiming to change this bringing the opportunities of decentralized finance to non tech-savvy users. Following the vision of “Easy Crypto For Everyone” Savix is redefining the concept of passive income making DeFi investments as easy as using classical savings books.

“Will the Bitcoin bubble burst as it had done last time?”, many people might ask themselves when looking at the incredible gains in value the flagship of cryptocurrencies has realized within the last weeks.  In fact the dynamic growth momentum most digital currencies have been able to create recently reminds of the situation the digital money had seen in 2017/2018. But many details seem to be different this time. It seems to be realistic that Bitcoin can break through the barrier of 100.000 USD value per coin this year. Will 2021 finally be the year when Bitcoin and its family of crypto tokens arrive at the masses? Will we all eventually get our share of this new economy, distributing back to the public the humongous profits the financial industry is making year by year? And how can normal citizens participate practically?

Why the Bulls Run Differently in 2021

A big problem back in 2018 had been missing working products. The value of digital currencies had mostly been created by a mixture of pure speculation about rising demands and the fear of missing out (FOMO). Although these dynamics still have effect many new use cases have been established since then, not just in theory, but in practice. Whereas in 2017/18 a competition of fantastic ideas had been carried out by competing digital tokens, it is a competition of working products that is dominating the world of digital assets in the current bull-run.

DeFi: An Attempt to Democratize Banking

Europe-based Start-Up Promises 'Easy Crypto For Everyone'

The most creative and productive area of these new digital products is called “Decentralized Finance” (DeFi). Under this term use cases of cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications are summarized, which aim to allow anyone to participate in financial activity without the involvement of centralized institutions like banks, investment funds, insurance companies or stock exchanges. Already in 2020 the profits realized by investments in centralized finance products have been exceeding those generated by Bitcoin by far. And this trend seems to be stabilizing in 2021.

With decentralized finance products everybody can earn fees for giving out credits to others, providing liquidity to emerging markets or by investing in other innovative finance products. DeFi offers tools to finally fulfill one of the promises cryptocurrencies made, to bank the unbanked and beyond this to democratize the banking system as such. But in fact, it is mostly the young, tech-savvy and often nerdy intellectual part of the population, which is actually willing and capable of profiting from the new financial chances DeFi can offer. Before being able to participate in the game of decentralized finance, one has to collect and evaluate information on products, information that is often rapidly changing and full of technical details. Then decisions have to be made taking into account economic questions as well, such as weighing up profit chances for financial risks involved. Last but not least, the procedures to finally invest money into the new world of DeFi products can be quite complicated, often creating obstacles too high to overcome for many of us.

Mass-adoption with “Easy DeFi For Everyone”

The Europe-based start-up Savix promises to lower these barriers. “Easy DeFi For Everyone” has been chosen as its mission statement for very good reasons. The Savix token will yield predictable interest rates on investments automatically without any need for technological decisions or complicated procedures. You can simply buy Savix tokens and keep them to receive your returns (Staking). The analogy to a classic savings book is obvious, hence the name Savix reminds of it. Moreover Savix will offer a simple and easy-to-use online dashboard for predefined DeFi products, which puts additional investment opportunities in the hands of its users with the ease of a single click. These one-click investments can be realized by reducing complex technological processes by predefined setups, which are optimized for the majority of everyday investors. Again the analogy to predefined and well-selected financial products of consumer banks is obvious. But this time it is all of us who can participate in the fees and profits of these products, which will not flow into high bonuses of CFOs or luxurious corporate buildings, but into the pockets of the people who invest their money into the decentralized financial system.

The Savix Token

The Savix (SVX) token has got a double function within the Savix ecosystem.

SVX tokens create predictable regular interests generated by its protocol embedded staking mechanism. Savix tokens are the DeFi answer to traditional savings accounts since they embody the option to receive rewards which are regular and predictable as classical fiat savings once used to be. Additionally the flexibility of letting all SVX tokens unlocked while participating in the staking system offers the potential to use SVX tokens as collateral for other DeFi investments at the same time. Rewards from staking and DeFi investments can be compounded.

Europe-based Start-Up Promises 'Easy Crypto For Everyone'

This double nature of SVX tokens leads to the exceptional concept of multiple streams of passive income made possible. Savix tokens offer some unique investment features, which can hardly be found elsewhere in this composition: 85% APY in the first year, very scarce supply of 100,000 tokens at maximum, long term development potential due to the flexibility to integrate new emerging DeFi products, big growth potential due to a broad target group of non tech-savvy users. All smart contracts have been externally audited, of course. Savix offers a ready-to-run product, which has not always been self-evident within the realm of cryptocurrencies.


There seems to be hope for a more democratic alternative to the existing world of institutional finance. Savix might play its part in it. Maybe the time has come. Don’t miss the DeFi train departing. It might be on track this time.

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Anatol Galkina

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