Disney (DIS) Stock Rises Over 2% as Disney+ Debuts in India

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Disney (DIS) Stock Rises Over 2% as Disney+ Debuts in India
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Disney (DIS) stock manages to gain over 2% yesterday. However, today in the pre-market, it is falling. Disney+ is entering India.

The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) stock price rose by about 2% after the launch of Disney + in India. Sources say that the streaming service was introduced via Hotstar. The Hotstar service is a part of Disney’s Fox acquisition. Being an asset of Fox, Hostar is offering the Disney + streaming service as a part of its bouquet of channels. 

As at the time of filing this report, Disney (DIS) stock prices were at $96.97, +2.05 (2.16%). In the pre-market today, its price is slightly down (-1.15%). Now it is at $95.85.

Disney is also reportedly offering its service to customers on the Sub-Continent for about 1,400 Rs. ( $19.5) per year. This is arguably the cheapest subscription for Disney + that has been offered across the board so far. 

The service named locally as ” Disney + Hoststar” will feature content in both English and local languages. Movies, serries, sports, syndicated channels, and shows are a part of the service to be offered to Indians. Partnerships with HBO, ABC, Fox, Showtime, and others will enable the provider to deliver a massive volume of content to subscribers. 

Disney (DIS) Stock Price Could Rise Further  Due to Cheap Subscriptions

The service is not expected to stream at the 4k quality that is obtainable in other countries. Disney + Hotstar also has an offering that includes local content but excludes Disney and other western content. The service goes for about Rs 399 ($5) yearly. 

The streaming of cricket events has helped Hotstar to become a major content distributor in India. Hoststar is the most popular video-on-demand service available currently.

 The Indian Premier League (IPL) saw about 3oo million daily users. 100 million monthly users subscribed to the service as well. Cricket is the most popular sport in India. It has become like a religion for many. 

Hotstar is also a global record holder. It has the record for the highest number of concurrent views on any streaming service. The highest ever to date. 

Being able to watch it from smart devices is a strategy that worked well for Hotstar. The new Disney + partnership will make Hotstsar become a global player in the digital streaming industry. The reason for this is simple: India has the numbers to make that kind of business model work.

Governments globally have instituted movement restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is good news for Hostar Disney +. If the recent trends are anything to go by. There will be an increase in electronic services across the board. 

On the flip side, if the COVID-19 situation causes the Indian Premier League to be canceled, Hostar loses out. Being a part of content giant Star Networks, Hotstar is a part of an entertainment empire. This empire has entertained the Indian community with its many offerings. Digital streaming is an evolution for star networks. 

Disney + has Globalized

Disney + has gone global. This seeming “globalization” of streaming services could be the next frontier for entertainment.

 As it competes against other platforms Hotstar Disney + may have to also evolve. This is to compete favorably as the competition is high in India. Amazon Times Internet’s MX Player, Apple TV+ and Alt Balaji, Netflix, Prime Video,  Zee5, and others are all jostling for the number one spot. 

It is the most innovative content developer that will take the crown. 

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