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Dogetti, Love Hate Inu, and Robot Era; Oh MY! The World of Crypto Presales

April 8th, 2023 at 9:08 pm UTC · 5 min read

Dogetti, Love Hate Inu, and Robot Era; Oh MY! The World of Crypto Presales

Nothing ever remains the same and things are always in constant flux. This stands true for mankind, animals, space, the internet, and cryptocurrency. The top crypto that has reigned supreme ever since crypto became a thing will forever be Bitcoin (BTC). The thing with BTC is that due to its growth, value, and popularity, it has evolved to a point where purchasing is no longer a viable option for most. At this time BTC is valued at just over $27,000.

Bitcoin and Beyond

So, what does this means for those investors who are new to the crypto space? The answer is quite simple, crypto presales! Many new crypto projects have been in the works ever since Dogecoin (DOGE) proved that even a joke can do well if it has the community backing it. Anything that is not a BTC is an Altcoin which includes Ethereum (ETH).

The third category of Crypto is Meme Coins which is essentially a crypto that started out as a joke. The joke was on them due to the value and popularity of many meme coins. Meme coins are the best investments for anyone new to Crypto due to their low valuation, which, when combined with the vitality of crypto can spiral out of control. The result is the ability to amass a small fortune which in turn would allow you to further invest in crypto, security, and commodities of greater value.

Dogetti Web3 Ready

The next iteration of the internet is Web3 which would be the third iteration of the internet as it is also something that is constantly evolving. Web3 will see the internet and its user base form communities which will reward its users. Currently, it is the tech giants like Facebook and YouTube that have benefited from their user base in the form of advertising revenue.

Dogetti (DETI) plans to change this by introducing a new meme crypto which is currently available for presale and is in stage 2 of 3. The logic behind releasing a Web3-based cryptocurrency is the fact that the community and users are rewarded for their participation. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) rule that an encoded in a program and DETI has its variations of DAO built into it.

DAO’s offer transparency and are controlled by the community instead of a board of members which results in decisions being made by the community instead of a small group of people that are unaffected. One rule of Dogetti’s DAO is that 2% of every transaction that is made is redistributed back to the token holders which translates to a steady income and potential generational wealth.

Dogetti, Love Hate Inu, and Robot Era; Oh MY! The World of Crypto Presales

Love Hate Inu, Your Vote Counts

People often say that the system is rigged and that your vote doesn’t count, especially when the presidential elections are amongst us. Love Hate Inu (LHINU) wants you to know that your vote counts and is another meme coin that is currently in its presale stage. The premises around LHINU is simple with their Vote-to-Earn.

The Vote-to-Earn requires you to stake your meme coin over time. The more you stake and the greater the duration of the time results in more voting power. The developers will create the polls which will be voted on by the community. All participants will be rewarded however those that staked their coins in the winning vote will be rewarded with greater shares.

Love Hate Inu voting system will be built on blockchain technology which will ensure that the process is fair, secure, and transparent. At this time LHINU is in its second stage of presale and is also considered to be a Web3 crypto based on it rewarding its community and coin holders for their participation. The project community has evolved with more than 14,000 telegram members and over 8,000 discord participants.

Dogetti, Love Hate Inu, and Robot Era; Oh MY! The World of Crypto Presales

Robot Era and the Metaverse

Robot Era is a sandbox-based Play to Earn (P2E) planet-rebuilding metaverse-based crypto and a game. With Robot Era you will be playing as a robot who will be farming and acquiring resources from a destroyed planet known as Taro. You will be managing land, creating robot companions, and participating in the recreation of the world with Taro tokens being your reward.

The Robot Era platform will be able to connect with other worlds via the Metaverse in which the ability to open parks, museums, and concerts will be an option. Robot Era is another Web3-ready meme token due to its DAO governance which will allow you to share your ideas and contributions with the community in exchange for Taro rewards. Players will have the option to participate in governance by pledging their tokens with votes being cast in the form of tokens.

Robot Era is expected to go live and be playable by the fourth quarter of 2023 and is in its first stage of presales. This allows you to get in on the ground floor and reap the benefits to come.

Web3 and Not Wasting Time

Many people would tell you that social media is a huge waste of time and they wouldn’t be wrong. The simple fact is that you are not being rewarded for your time which is the exact opposite of what Web3 crypto would like to change. Instead of just holding on to crypto and waiting for the right time to trade you could put it to work within the ecosystem and earn. No longer will you play a game without getting tokens, coins, or NFTs for your time in addition to achievements.

For more info on Dogetti (DETI) follow these links: Presale, Website, Telegram, Twitter.

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