Doodles to Acquire Award-Winning Golden Wolf

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Doodles to Acquire Award-Winning Golden Wolf
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Golden Wolf’s Founder and CEO Ingi Erlingsson will join the Doodles team as Chief Content Officer.

Web3 brand Doodles has announced its plans to acquire the award-winning animation studio, Golden Wolf.

Established in 2013, Golden Wolf is popular for creating the animated sci-fi series Rick and Morty. According to the press release, its acquisition would be completed in the coming weeks since terms have already been agreed upon.

Spreading Joy through NFTs

Doodles began as an NFT art collection by artist Burnt Toast. Since then, the firm has morphed into an entertainment firm with animation, gaming, and several musical events. In September, the firm raised $54M to upgrade music and gaming experiences. 

Doodles CEO Julian Holguin believes that Web3 powers a new kind of fandom and consumer mindset. Holguin believes this could potentially spread joy to millions. Also, he said:

“This investment is a move that advances our strategic priorities of creating world-class content, leveraging technology to incubate new formats.”

A New Class of Original Content for Doodles

Golden Wolf brings to the table its expert experience in animation, visual storytelling, and content creation. Golden Wolf’s Founder and CEO, Ingi Erlingsson, will join the Doodles team as Chief Content Officer.

Erlingsson believes the partnership has the potential to redefine entertainment through creative storytelling. He said:

“This partnership will unlock the boundless potential within each of our businesses.”

Erlingsson will provide oversight for the London and New York offices of Golden Wolf.

As for the rest of the Golden Wolf team, they will be fully involved in Doodle’s content creation journey. Thus, they will work on brand collaborations, product marketing, video games, and original series development, which is expected to expedite the development of Doodle’s Web3 ecosystem. To begin with, Golden Wolf will collaborate with artist Burnt Toast to create original narrative content and develop Doodles characters and stories.

Doodles to Leverage Partnership with Psyop

As part of the acquisition, Doodles plans to leverage Golden Wolf’s partnership with Psyop. Together, Doodles and Psyop will launch a joint venture called Active Ingredient. Using AI and blockchain tech, the joint venture will The goal will ‘reinvent storytelling and the tools used to make them a reality’. Again, Psyop will invest in Doodles’s push into original content creation.

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