.CORE (DotCore) NFT Marketplace to Highlight the Upcoming Full-Scale Launch

August 28th, 2023 at 8:42 am UTC · 3 min read

.CORE (DotCore) NFT Marketplace to Highlight the Upcoming Full-Scale Launch

.CORE (DotCore), the cutting-edge NFT marketplace by CoreBlocks development studio, is preparing for a full-scale product launch, according to a recent team statement. The upcoming weeks will be marked with exciting community activities and a massive technical update roll out, along with several significant NFT drops to be announced as a cherry on top. The .CORE NFT marketplace launch is poised to become a milestone in the NFT space, as their revolutionary solution blends an unparalleled experience for both NFT creators and holders with unique metaverse functionality powered by the Unreal Engine technology stack.

The impressive range of .CORE’s technical features is exemplified by its near-unlimited transaction speed, capacity, and remarkably low gas fees, all achieved through the seamless integration of the Loopring L2 protocol. Furthermore, the platform’s full compatibility with major Loopring and Ethereum wallets, as well as its effortless integration with third-party APIs, sets it apart from the competition in the current market landscape.

As for the UI/UX aspect, .CORE puts the ease of use and functionality to the very centre of their vision. Although the bunch of features reflected in the roadmap are still being added every sprint, .CORE is available for every NFT-lover worldwide with no VPN required. Another groundbreaking idea, already implemented by the team, is the metaverse extension powered by Protocol: Gemini, which completely redefines the conventional boundaries of NFT utility.

To commemorate its highly anticipated launch, .CORE will soon unveil a group of acclaimed NFT artists who will be the pioneers in showcasing their exclusive collections on the new platform. Subsequently, all aspiring NFT creators will have the opportunity to freely host their own collections on .CORE. Moreover, by the end of this year, .CORE users will gain access to a secondary NFT market and a plethora of other options outlined in the roadmap.

When reached for a comment, Roman M, the CEO of .CORE has expressed his confidence in the successful launch. He stated:

“.CORE is not just another NFT marketplace, as our core mission is to exemplify the new level of NFT utility and visibility for everyone, including creators, collectors, and investors. This is the very moment for the whole NFT culture to make a crucial step in its development, and we are here to exemplify the high upcoming standards.“

About .CORE

.CORE is a revolutionary NFT marketplace that leverages the Loopring L2 protocol to dramatically decrease costs associated with NFT operations, such as minting and transferring. With a strong emphasis on meeting the needs of artists and creators in terms of platform functionality, .CORE also aims to create an authentic immersive experience by integrating NFTs with VR and the metaverse.

Through strategic partnerships with innovative projects such as CyberCrew and Protocol: Gemini, .CORE has achieved an unprecedented level of NFT interoperability and utilisation on the cusp of the virtual and physical spaces.

Join the .CORE community to stay at the forefront of NFT evolution.

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