Decentralized Anonymous Multi-Tasking Messenger E-chat Launches Pre-ICO

October 31st, 2017 at 6:58 am UTC · 2 min read

Pre-ICO for E-Chat, a revolutionary multitask product that has all chances of becoming the most successful project in 2018, has started on October 16, 2017. The token price of  the first decentralized messenger with capabilities of a multi currency cryptowallet is set at level 0,7. This price is available just for a month, until November 15th. In the following 6 months, it is expected that the token price will increase significantly.

A huge vision for e-Chat is due to the unique advantages it provides for the users:

  • To communicate via voice and video calls, chats and channels;
  • To send and receive fiat money and cryptocurrency;
  • To be sure that all transactions and private data are protected by advanced technologies;
  • To place photo and video content in the feed and get paid for it.

The cryptocurrency wallet built-in the messenger gives the opportunity to take a fresh look at the interaction with the content. Having the opportunity to receive funds directly from the audience, the blogger no longer needs to make sponsorship content, while the viewer can make a like not only more visible, but also useful!

At the moment, e-Chat is not only a great idea, but already a working messenger that functions in beta-version. The period of testing will be completed on November 30th. The permission for using e-Chat in China has already been received. The team of developers continues updating messenger to perfection in all aspects.

To realize the potential of the product it is worth to know about expectations and aims the team of e-Chat is going to reach in nearest years:

  • over 1 million installations in 6-months term;
  • over 10 million users in 1-year term;
  • over 100 million users in 1.5-year term.

Under conditions of the increasing cryptocurrency market and popularity of such means of communication as messenger, e-Chat has all chances to become a hit product of the coming year, being a multitask tool that fully responds  to the conversational and financial needs of modern people.