E-Coin Announced Survey with Free Bitcoin Debit Card to Each Participant

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E-Coin Announced Survey with Free Bitcoin Debit Card to Each Participant
You can manage all your funds with E‑Cards linked to your cloud account. It works just like regular bank cards and can be used in more than 30 million ATMs/25 million merchants globally. Photo: Wirex Limited

E-coin is one of the leading providers of bitcoin debit cards all over the world.

E-coin, one of the leading bitcoin debit card providers, announced a survey with pleasant gifts for all participants. Taking part, you get a possibility to receive a free virtual e-coin debit card or enter into a $100 drawing for free bitcoin.

“We are doing a survey to better understand our customers and continue to improve our service. We are much more than a bitcoin debit card. We are adding new services to make it easier to buy/sell and use bitcoin,” Tim Frost, VP of Marketing and Business Development at E-Coin, told CoinSpeaker. The survey is available here.

E-coin launched its first bitcoin debit cards a year ago and since that time it has considerably contributed to bitcoin adoption worldwide. It offers services in more than 130 countries and still seeks to strengthen its position as a major player in the cryptocurrency debit card market. E-coin has already 75,000 registered users and around 10,000 cards shipped. Seeing the progress the company has made for only one year, we can state for sure that this is just the beginning of the great way.

E-coin describes itself as a team of bitcoin enthusiasts. Inspired by the blockchain decentralised technology, they dedicate efforts to growing the popularity and usability of cryptocurrency trying to make the transactions simple, safe and hassle free. The team can boast of investments banking software gurus, Cass MBA graduates with rigorous finance and sales experience as well as a marketing director from GetTaxi. The fact, that each member of the team is first of all a professional passionate about bitcoin, is easily seen from the amount of positive reviews they receive from customers every day.

E-coin card represents the most convenient and at the same time easiest way to convert crypto into fiat currency and to spend bitcoin through global Visa infrastructure. E-coin offers not only traditional USD/EUR/GBP Visa cards but also virtual bitcoin debit cards to be used for online payments globally.

E-Coin account registration is a one-minute deal. E-Coin virtual debit card is subject to withdrawal and spending limits. However the number of options can be increased after submitting verification documents. The card allows spending bitcoin at any website that does not accept it as yet. In addition, it also serves for such payment services as PayPal and ApplePay.

Comparing to other companies, E-coin chose a different way of bitcoin popularization. It doesn’t convince businesses to accept bitcoins. Instead it provides reliable service to spend bitcoin within traditional finance infrastructure.

Talking about security of debit cards, E-coin reveals that they use multi-sig wallets provided by BitGo. Thus every user owns a multi-sig wallet with 3 sets of keys: one is kept by BitGo, one by E-Coin and one more is used for disaster recovery. Unlike many bitcoin exchanges, E-coin avoids using one big hot wallet with all user addresses kept in one place.

E-coin founders Pavel Matveev and Dmitry Lazarichev compared their service with the one Xapo offers during interview with CoinTelegraph. For instance, you need to convert imaginary 200 bitcoins held in a Xapo account and a Xapo card to fiat ASAP. In this case you have 2 options:

  1. transfer to exchange (add high fees to speed up transaction) and sell there;
  2. run to an ATM and use the Xapo card. If it works you will hit a US$400 withdrawal limit, so you won’t be able to convert all the funds.

Having designed its service for customer needs, E-coin allows its users to spare such difficulties. With E-coin bitcoin can be spent wherever Visa is accepted.

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