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E-Coin Integrates BitGo for Instant Bitcoin Transactions and Hints at Big Plans for 2016

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 3 min read
E-Coin Integrates BitGo for Instant Bitcoin Transactions and Hints at Big Plans for 2016
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E-Coin users get an opportunity to make instant bitcoin transactions without the need to wait for three confirmations.

E-Coin has enabled instant transactions. By integrating BitGo Instant, it offers users a possibility to transfer bitcoin and load their cards instantly. Customers don’t need to wait for three confirmations anymore. Transactions can be made within the BitGo Instant network, currently consisting of 11 companies, and growing.

We want to provide our customers with the latest developments in the bitcoin space, to continue to provide them with the best potential service. Introducing BitGo Instant was a top priority,” says founder Pavel Matveev.

BitGo has improved bitcoin transaction by resolving the “double spend” problem. It offers users instant funds transfer while ensuring that the sender will not spend the money elsewhere before the transaction gets confirmed via the blockchain. BitGo settles transactions immediately using the crypto keys among participating users’ wallets.

E-Coin users now can feel secure sending bitcoin to their account and enjoy the reliability and trust of using BitGo wallets. E-Coin admits that the news is only the first one in the chain of developments they are planning to announce in the upcoming weeks. Indeed the company has big plans for customers in 2016.

E-Coin is a relatively young company launched in January 2015. But for one year it has gained a reputation of reliable bitcoin debit card provider. In the beginning of February the company welcomed its 100,000th user.

It thanked every single customer for support: “We heard your demands loud and clear, bitcoin community. You wanted a way to spend your bitcoins conveniently, so we delivered. With E-Coin, you can use the physical debit card (we were the first to launch!) AND virtual debit card (instant access for online usage) for all of your Bitcoin spending needs, even at places that don’t accept Bitcoin! We currently support 3 currencies: USD, GBP, and EUR. If you didn’t already know our motto, here it is — ‘Spend Bitcoin Anywhere’. We took this motto to heart and helped thousands of you to literally spend Bitcoin anywhere. Have a look at our user growth chart below.”

E-Coin offers a simple and reliable way to manage bitcoin funds efficiently and without hassle. Its service is a powerful combination of easy employment and strong protection, a convenient tool for spending and transferring bitcoin anywhere in the world.

E-Coin has totally issued 15,000 bitcoin cards and achieved a monthly volume of over $2 million. Currently the company processes more than $2 million in monthly transaction volume and shows a steady growth at a monthly rate of 30%. E­-Coin now ships to 130+ countries. E-Coin has become the first company to offer a bitcoin debit card. In September 2015 it launched its virtual bitcoin card.

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