The eHealth First ICO: A Token Changing Healthcare for the Better

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The eHealth First ICO: A Token Changing Healthcare for the Better
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Built on the advanced AI and blockchain technology, the new platform aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry, achieving better patient care.

2017 has been a breakthrough year for the virtual currency sector, with major currencies showing significant gains within the period. Bitcoin, in particular, witnessed unexpected surge last year, breaking record after record. Even financial analysts from the traditional economy remain optimistic about the future of the cryptocurrency. Other digital currencies have been on the rise as well, eliminating barriers all over the globe as means of exchange used by all types of businesses.

However, even bigger news for the cryptocurrency community has been the development of the utility token, which serves as the means of exchange within and beyond the decentralized applications. They are a great tool for startups with cool ideas to raise funding without the need to rely on some centralized investment fund.

eHealth First (EHF) is one of these startups. The project’s team, uniting healthcare professionals, physicians, and computer scientists, aims to change the world for the better with a new platform that will help people manage their health.

EHF is the first health platform combining the most advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence, data processing, and blockchain technologies. The platform consists of two related software apps that can quickly reference necessary medical information from a single database of medical literature.

The first app is a home diagnosis and medical recommendation app that can be used right from a smartphone device. After completing an intuitive initial medical screening, the user receives a detailed preliminary analysis of their health, as well as recommendations for treatment or consultation with a live physician. To get additional screenings for certain body systems, you will be asked to pay in EHF tokens or fiat currency.

The second app is an open platform for health professionals and developers, which can be used to easily access medical literature and find information that can improve patient outcomes. Developers can also use the app to create new software in the discipline.

All services within the platform can be paid for either in EHF token or fiat currency, but EHF gives a 30% discount for the user. Besides, the token gives the right to vote on certain decisions related to the platform in proportion to the number of tokens they hold. Following the launch of the project, the tokens will be listed on various exchanges around the world.

Currently, the startup is running the private placement phase, offering up to 1 million tokens with bonuses of 45-70%. The minimum investment amount is 2 ETH or 0.2 BTC.

Meantime, the ICO is planned to begin in May-June, 2018, while the pre-ICO will start on March 18, 2018, and will continue until April 18, 2018. A soft cap for the sale has been set at 8,000 ETH. Bonuses of up to 40% will also be available. Overall, 85 million EHF tokens will be distributed during the ICO, with 25 million tokens available for purchase in the first round of the crowdsale.

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