Elon Musk Calls Tesla’s (TSLA) Secret Project ‘Dojo’ a ‘Difference Maker’

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Elon Musk Calls Tesla’s (TSLA) Secret Project ‘Dojo’ a ‘Difference Maker’
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Tesla (TSLA) project Dojo was revealed during the recent Tesla Autonomy Investor Day held a few weeks ago. Elon Musk mentioned the Dojo as the key to labeling visual data, which is currently a very difficult task.

Elon Musk set a pretty optimistic deadline for Tesla (TSLA) to achieve full self-driving capability. However, it seems he has some more ideas of how he should this, still fairytale, turn into reality. The solution is called the project ‘Dojo’.

Project Dojo is Tesla’s attempt to create a computer that can engage videos of driving to become more proficient at the skill. It is still not known what this project is all about but it could be a major factor in speeding up Tesla self-driving car news.

What we do know is that Tesla wants to have autonomous systems ready by the end of next year. That’s a hell of a task, but it’s one that Project Dojo might just be able to achieve.

In Aprile this year, during Tesla’s Autonomy Day Musk was explaining what exactly the company is doing in order to achieve full self-driving capability by the end of next year. However, at the time, most people were focused on the unveiling of Tesla’s new HW3 ‘Full Self-Driving Computer’, which was being explained for the first time and is now installed in all new Tesla vehicles. But, what obviously came under the radar of the public was a brief mention of another computer, the Dojo computer, that Tesla is working on and it could be a game-changer. Musk then said:

“We do have a major program at Tesla which we don’t have enough time to talk about today called “Dojo”. That’s a super powerful training computer. The goal of Dojo will be to be able to take in vast amounts of data and train at a video level and do unsupervised massive training of vast amounts of video with the Dojo program – or Dojo computer.”

Basically an AI, Dojo is made in order to train a host of multiple AI that will enable Tesla electric cars to drive on their own. According to Musk, the goal of Project Dojo will be to take in huge amounts of image and video data and perform unsupervised learning.

It seems that Dojo will involve training the AI with information that hasn’t been defined before. There are lot of examples and so needed add-ons, just to mention things that appear while driving on the road, like pedestrians, potholes, animals, etc.

Dojo will, as already said, go through a number of video files while trying to identify the objects in it and we can just presume how big are the advantages of training an AI to learn from a video instead of an image. A moving film captures the reality of driving on a road more closely, and it gives context to the situation as well. Project Dojo is likely to be unveiled entirely during next year’s road to autonomy Tesla event.

Tesla stock was in fall of 2.57% at the time of writing settling at the price of $228.32. Yesterday Whitney Tilson confirmed his company’s bearish stand on Tesla saying it has no “moat” of any kind as it continues to lose a ton of money and show off a terrible balance sheet.

He called Tesla a “busted growth story” with demand for its existing models only being maintained via continual price reductions. In a final shot, Tilson calls Elon Musk “extremely” untrustworthy.

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