Elpis Investments to Build World’s First Hybrid AI-driven Trading Company for Traditional and Crypto Assets

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
Elpis Investments to Build World’s First Hybrid AI-driven Trading Company for Traditional and Crypto Assets
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Elpis Investments introduces AI trading technology enabling traditional, institutional and novice investors start profiting from both digital and traditional assets.

Elpis Investments is creating the world’s first Artificial Intelligence-driven trading company to disrupt the world of hedge fund trading. Elpis Investments’ innovative hybrid concept allows trading system remove human bias from investment activities and deliver tailored, transparent strategies for investing in cryptos and traditional assets at lower costs.

Elpis Investments is leveraging the latest AI technologies such as Machine and Deep Learning to increase the performance of its strategies. This way the company aims to engage traditional, institutional investors and a new breed of retail, non-professional investors, who had no chance to enter the investing landscape until recently. Today’s wave of emerging innovative technologies has opened up for Elpis Investments and other FinTech startups the opportunity to reach a more diverse and larger investor base.

In their intention to enable novice investors start profiting beforehand from the efficiency of Elpis Investments’ investing system, the company  opened up its platform and strategies granting to the non-professional investors an access to their trading signals. Siting innovation as Elpis Investments core business, the startup aims to take advantage of such revolutionary technologies as AI and the blockchain to shake up the financial landscape, adding more transparency, efficiency and fairness.

The Elpis Investments has been testing its strategies on real data such as that related to US equities and futures (since the year 2008), later turning to cryptocurrencies given rising availability of consistent data.  Elpis Investments system has consistently and regularly beaten the S&P on both fronts, and was able to reduce the maximum monthly drawdown (i.e. the decline in fund value) from -37.26% to 1.45% – a reduction of 25x over a 10 years period. Moreover, Elpis Investments system has already succeeded in reducing volatility, and, correspondingly, investors’ risks, by 3.5x. Given company’s strong confidence in its performances, Elpis Investments will not charge any management fees, being paid on performance – 20% of profits made: Elpis Investments only wins when its clients win.

In a recent interview, Elpis Investments CEO, Anatoly Castella has said:

“The world of institutional investment is long overdue a shakeup to rebuild trust and encourage more transparency. Those who can perform should have nothing to hide and that’s why our fund will be paid only on results achieved. Our proprietary AI technology will remove human bias and error to ensure higher returns, less risk and complete visibility to clients. Our ICO will help us to build the hybrid fund of the future, using our knowledge and success in traditional futures combined with the opportunities brought about by cryptocurrencies and blockchain.”

Elpis Investments is currently undertaking a private allocation of tokens, a pre-sale ahead of the public ICO that will go live in August 2018. The event gives early investors the opportunity to contribute into the project development buying ELP tokens at discounted rates. To participate, contributors are invited to apply via Whitelisting through the Elpis Investments website, with ETHER stored and protected in an escrow account run by the partner company CapchainX via smart contract. ELP tokens will be distributed into individual wallets after the closing of the ICO.

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