Blockchain Startup Elrond Brings eGold Payment Facility for US Shoppers at Amazon, Walmart and eBay

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Blockchain Startup Elrond Brings eGold Payment Facility for US Shoppers at Amazon, Walmart and eBay
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Elrond has partnered with blockchain platform who will bring the facility for users to spend their eGold tokens at some of the world’s most popular eCommerce marketplaces.

The eCommerce industry is already booming and set for a massive expansion over the next decade. The eCommerce industry alone contributes to 21% of the total retail spendings across the US blockchain startup Elrond has come with a unique and exciting idea for US customers. On Tuesday, April 6, Elrond announced a new eGold payment facility directly at Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

Beniamin Mincu, Elrond CEO said:

“Drone deliveries, intelligent homes resupplying automatically, virtual shopping experiences, customizable avatars, and other such technological advancements will continue to drive online sales and convenience for everyone. As a result, eCommerce is rapidly growing its share of the $5 trillion dollars US retail market. We’re excited to enable eGold as a means of payment in the new digital retail economy.”

Thus, the new payment facility allows eGold holders to use it against buying any products and services. Elrond has said that it won’t be charging any transaction fee, conversion costs, and waiting times thereby adding more utility to its token.

Elrond Partnering with Blockchain Platform for eGold Payments

To execute this eGold payments project, Elrond will be participating with the blockchain-based platform This is a unified marketplace combining all major eCommerce platforms under one website. Besides, also facilitates crypto payments for online shopping purposes.

Also, the major reason’s formation is to enhance the online shopping experience using crypto as payment. It was established by some of the drop[ship experts in the industry. has already integrated large retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Besides, it is also planning to onboard Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba.

The integration of Elrond’s Gold to shall happen by Thursday, April 8. Arbel Arif, Owner said:

“We value the experience of our customers above everything else and we’re therefore excited to offer them the possibility of using the eGold and Maiar combo for making purchases on our platform.”

This is one of the interesting and unique developments in the crypto space. Crypto payments is the future of online shopping and many companies are already looking forward to it. One of the biggest players in this space is PayPal which recently launched a crypto payments facility for its US customers. PayPal will soon bring this facility to its worldwide users ahead of this year.

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