Endemic Announces the Launch of Endemic Week, Real World Artists Making Transition to Digital Art

September 18th, 2023 at 12:00 pm UTC · 5 min read

Endemic Announces the Launch of Endemic Week, Real World Artists Making Transition to Digital Art

Endemic is proud to announce the launch of Endemic Week, which empowers real-world artists to make the transition to digital art via its leading NFT platform. Stipe Plejic, StoneBlock President & Endemic CEO addresses, “Endemic writes history – the biggest transition of physical art into NFT form to date”.

More than 50 real-world artists made the transition to digital art. From one of the farthest places in the world, a small paradise island in the heart of the Mediterranean, we have made two major web3 achievements – the first in the world. The entry into the world of high-end physical art for Endemic as an NFT platform could not have started better. They did what no one has done before for obvious reasons – it’s hard.

Endemic Week is an event that enabled the Endemic NFT platform to achieve the largest onboarding of real-world artists on the digital marketplace so far, thereby stepping strongly where no one has gone before and opening a whole new art market for the web3 community.

Stipe Plejic, President of StoneBlock and CEO of Endemic, remarks:

“I always emphasize that if you want to rule the world, you have to rule innovation. We have done the biggest real-world artists onboarding in the world so far. Endemic recently made the transition to Ethereum, and just on the Endemic Week we onboarded more than fifty high-end physical artists on our platform portfolio who have transferred their works to digital form. By targeting both digital and physical curated art, Endemic becomes a unique venue for high-end art, artists and collectors. No more searching for quality art – for everything found on Endemic, the bar has been raised very high. There were some attempts, but they are mostly based on small physical collections.”

Endemic Week as a movement to include real world artists into the digital world of art

There is no simpler way to describe the Endemic Week than to say that, much like the art it showcases and supports on its platform, every element of this conference has been thoughtfully curated. Over the course of three days, more than fifty real-world artists gathered to exhibit their physical works, gain insights into digital art, engage in panel discussions with industry experts, and explore the potential of NFT as a medium for creating digital art and ownership.

What sets Endemic apart is the exceptional achievement it accomplished in just three days on the island of Vis, an exquisite gem of Europe and the Adriatic Sea. All artists transitioned to the platform, from offline to online, with each piece meticulously curated by Endemic’s art team.

The conference took place within the premises of Agroom, the first IT & Blockchain island in the world. Agroom serves as a vibrant hub that unites the web3 community, companies, and venture capitalists, offering a conducive environment for project testing, development, infrastructure support, consulting, and networking. Moreover, this paradise island also provides a well-deserved dose of relaxation, given its reputation as one of the most stunning destinations worldwide.

The decision to host the event at Agroom stemmed from its exceptional suitability to accomplish something truly groundbreaking. The synergy between these two projects is seamless, and not without reason, as both were meticulously curated under the guidance of the esteemed StoneBlock Blockchain Association.

Stipe Plejic says, “Same as Endemic, Agroom is also coming from the StoneBlock Blockchain Hub project portfolio. And same as biggest real-world artists onboarding in the world during Endemic Week, we have created first Blockchain Island in the world – Agroom. Both of those goals we have done in the very small, but very beautiful most faraway island in Croatia – island Vis.

Endemic – from Artists for Artists

The physical high-end art market is experiencing a fundamental metamorphosis, where traditional reliance solely on collectors has evolved into a forward-looking, technology-embracing landscape.

This strategic move underlines Endemic’s commitment to the artists, dedicating time and effort to their well-being and growth, culminating in the platform’s expansion and advancing the underserved high-end real-world art market.

Endemic Announces the Launch of Endemic Week, Real World Artists Making Transition to Digital Art

Our main idea was to create a custom-made, artist-centric platform with unique art and social elements so users can have a fully interactive user experience. NFT artists and investors now have a platform meticulously crafted by artists for artists, underpinned by a fully gallery-oriented approach – an unparalleled proposition in the market. This position Endemic as a highly agile NFT marketplace, with a distinct emphasis on artists, art, and community, making it a dynamic intersection of all art communities. Endemic will do what Sotheby and Christies are trying to do with the NFT art segment, because we are substantial more involved in web3 sphere and we have tackled all the important features and solutions what next generation curated NFT marketplace should have,” says Stipe Plejic.

About Endemic

Endemic marketplace is genuinely distinctive, pioneering the acceptance of both digital and physical art, whilst concurrently offering educational resources for the community, investors, collectors, and artists.

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