EnjinX Set to Become an Etherscan for Mainstream Audience

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
EnjinX Set to Become an Etherscan for Mainstream Audience
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EnjinX, a new Ethereum blockchain explorer, is here to facilitate interaction with blockchain data for mainstream users.

One of the issues that today exist in the sphere of cryptocurrencies is that quite often they are not easily accessible for a mainstream audience. The peculiarities of their usage and some difficulties associated with it remain the main barrier for many people to join the industry.

While more and more firms and organizations are exploring the emerging technology, blockchain companies should focus not only on the development of highly innovative products for institutional and corporate clients but also on the creation of easy-to-use platforms for masses.

EnjinX Platform

Bearing this idea in mind, the team behind EnjinX has made browsing token data much easier than ever before. This new Ethereum blockchain explorer that was launched on December 27 is designed to facilitate access to blockchain data for a wide audience.

Even if a person has no cryptocurrency experience and has never used any blockchain explorers before, an intuitive Google-like interface of EnjinX will make all the things clear.

Moreover, the team is planning to expand the opportunities of the platform and add support for ERC-1155 and ERC-721. It is said that such a move will contribute to blockchain adoption into the gaming, retail, and wider entertainment markets.

Company’s Vision

Speaking about their project and its goals, Enjin CEO, Maxim Blagov, said:

“We are on a mission to facilitate mass adoption of the Ethereum network on a global scale. Our development team is unwavering, and our vision is crystal clear. Ethereum-based assets are the future of blockchain, and we’re determined to make it easy for every company, business, entrepreneur, and developer to access the most powerful aspects of blockchain technology.”

While for many years Etherscan has been the most popular blockchain explorer among blockchain developers, average users have some difficulties in working with it: there are too many features that may confuse them. EnjinX is here to make user interaction with blockchain data simple and enjoyable.

Future of the Industry

Blockchain is being more and more widely adopted today. If its early adopters were people who were absolutely obsessed with technologies, now the majority of users are just looking for functionality and benefits that blockchain-based platforms can offer.

Today developers of games, apps, and platforms need to have an opportunity to integrate blockchain data natively to meet the demands of the growing blockchain audience. That’s why Enjin team is working on the development of a powerful Rest API that developers can integrate into their projects.

The future plans of EnjinX include enhancing the platform usability by adding support for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin blockchains. It is believed that such a move aimed at facilitation of working with blockchain data may ensure further mainstream adoption that is badly needed today when users are ready to enter the space but just do not have appropriate products and tools to do it.

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