EO.Finance: Keep Your Crypto and Fiat in One Wallet

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read

EO.Finance offers its users a possibility to have very quick access to their fiat and crypto funds as well as enabling them to buy crypto with debit or credit cards.

Today there is a great variety of crypto-related firms and projects, people are interested in this still comparatively new type of asset and the underlying technology.

Moreover, people themselves use crypto rather actively but there is one very important question for everyone dealing with cryptocurrencies: how to keep them safe and how to make their usage convenient. Offering their digital wallets, different companies try to provide people with an answer to this question. And some of them do it rather successfully.

EO.Finance as a Solution

A licensed crypto & fiat wallet known as EO.Finance represents itself as only one part of the entire EO ecosystem powered by EO coin. The ecosystem is comprised of numerous products aimed at facilitating interaction with cryptocurrencies for the whole crypto community.

This wallet offers support not only for more than 40 currencies but also for debit and credit card transactions. Thanks to the wide range of functions that this wallet provides its users with, it has an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and to draw the attention of the community.

The team behind this product had an idea to create a reliable wallet for crypto enthusiasts who want to have easy and quick access to their funds. EO.Finance is available for Android and iOS users and can be also accessible via Firefox and Chrome browsers.

What Is Offered

We are accustomed to simple things and user-friendly apps. Bearing this idea in mind, the developers have created an interface that makes the usage of the wallet intuitively understandable.

EO.Finance also provides an option to exchange cryptos directly from the wallet. It allows direct exchange of EO coin, Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Moreover, the wallet enables users to keep their fiat currencies together with their digital assets which is a highly-demanded and very popular feature. But at the same time, it’s worth mentioning that there is one more very significant option: with EO .Finance it is possible to buy crypto with debit and credit cards.

How It Works

All registered users get unique addresses for each of the currencies that are supported by EO.Finance. If a user has some difficulties in sending, receiving or purchasing crypto, on-screen tips and instructions will quickly save the situation.

All the processes are very simple and don’t require too much time. Even buying cryptocurrencies with a debit or credit card that may seem a little bit complicated at a first glance won’t take long when it is so clearly explained:

EO coin is used to pay the commission fees that are charged with serious discounts on EO.Finance. Moreover, the ecosystem offers its community to take part in the referral program and contribute to the common growth.

EO.Finance is fully licensed. Being operated by EOtradex OÜ, it holds European licenses for crypto wallet #FVR000161 and crypto-fiat exchange #FRK000193.

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