Ethereum-based BlockMesh Announces ICO to Launch Free Communications Network

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Ethereum-based BlockMesh Announces ICO to Launch Free Communications Network
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Cellular data competitor BlockMesh to compete directly with cellular data providers with cost-free communications networks.

Mesh networking industry leader BlockMesh intends to bring basic Internet access to developing countries by introducing a free-of-cost communications app that not only provides free data but pays users for its usage.

In its intention to raise the funds necessary for further development of this global solution, BlockMesh launches a public token sale on February 28th, 2018.

Based in Mauritius, BlockMesh was an early pioneer of mesh technology – a system used in telecommunications to enable use outside the reaches of standard cellular tower transmissions, through connecting via a peer-to-peer mesh network.

This P2P network is created by either Bluetooth or WiFi, allowing data to be transmitted from user to user, sidestepping regular cellular channels thus avoiding the costs incurred by their use.

Mesh Networks Augmented by Blockchain

BlockMesh envisions a transformation in traditional communications networks, changing the way people access the Internet and use smart devices. With a network based on the mature Ethereum blockchain, the basic concept of decentralization is finally made achievable by doing away with the monopolies of commercial telecommunication corporations.

The use of mesh network can finally realize communications networks that are owned and operated only by its users, resulting in a paradigm shift in the way Internet is accessed.

Once operational, according to the project’s whitepaper,  BlockMesh also intends to create a means for users to get rewarded for using its app’s cryptocurrency – native currency Mesh Tokens – turning the pay-to-use data cellular model on its head.

Potentially, users will have the opportunity to earn more rewards for allowing data to pass through their devices as part of mesh networks in the form of text messages and voice calls.

More Access, More Options, More Control

For developing countries in particular, BlockMesh can finally provide basic communications access, while allowing people to free up critical income otherwise spent on the very basic needs of sending and receiving data over mobile phones.

Since most users also do not use up all of the bandwidth they purchase, BlockMesh technology will work to provide such users with options to sell their excess bandwidth to others, accepting payments in Mesh Tokens.

BlockMesh Founder Bjorn Dingemans expressed his company’s vision to utilize the incredible potential of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to enhance and empower interpersonal communication, which he believes should not only be free but incentivized.

BlockMesh’s communications network will harness the excess bandwidth that exists around the globe, turning it from waste into potential income.

In essence, all smart devices connected in an IoT network will form a global communications network.

The BlockMesh Token Sale

The BlockMesh token sale will become open to the public on February 28th, 2018. Mesh Tokens will benefit from instant and continuous liquidity due to its recent integration with Bancor protocol’s Smart Token standard, which ensures instantaneous conversion of Mesh Tokens to other digital assets.

Participants of the token sale can purchase Mesh Tokens, representing their own personal stake in BlockMesh products and development. Once the token sale is over, funds raised will be used to complete development work on its global communications network technology as well as on its app.

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