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Blockchain-based Startup JoyToken Showcases Gaming Ecosystem with API Release

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Blockchain-based Startup JoyToken Showcases Gaming Ecosystem with API Release
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Blockchain-based platform JoyToken introduces its API protocol for game development as a solution to both major issues of the gambling industry – game transparancy and game security.

JoyToken, a smart gaming ecosystem based on blockchain technology, has announced the release of its enterprising API protocol for game development. The protocol enables game developers to build games powered by JoyToken’s frictionless cryptocurrency and immutable smart contracts.

Developers will now be able to leverage blockchain technology and smart contracts in order to create and distribute Random Numbers Generator (RNG) values and rewards on an auditable platform.

Gamers no longer need to third-party intermediaries, such as other players, game developers or casino platform operators, to distribute their trust while playing. Instead, users can now freely examine the game code, based on the API, to cross-checks odds and ensure that these odds are as advertised.

Casino operators no longer need to rely on third-party back-end services for payouts. Smart contracts will serve as a decentralized escrow for every engagement, securing all interaction.

JoyToken CEO Andrew MacDonald said:

“We aim to increase transparency in the gambling industry for developers, players, and casino operators. In releasing the API, we hope to give the developer community a preview of the opportunities that will soon be available to them via the JoyToken platform and protocol.”

JoyToken aims to disrupt the gambling industry by reinstating the two most important qualities that the industry is in need of — game transparency and game security. The absence of these qualities has stymied the positive potential of the industry, especially for independent developers and gamers.

Developing games in the current climate is an uphill battle for most independent developers who have to contend with limited funds, regulatory requirements, and a shrinking market base. When they do finally succeed in developing and releasing something worthwhile, their limited access to market resources often leaves these products unnoticed, robbing the industry of some truly unique and revolutionary gaming mechanisms.

On the other end of the spectrum, players find themselves contending with a vague and opaque system lacking in innovation and security features that have become the norm in other industries.

JoyToken is a blockchain-based platform and protocol that is creating a new paradigm shift in the gambling industry through the formation of a “trustless” gambling ecosystem. By leveraging proprietary smart contracts to automatically determine the outcome of every game played,

JoyToken is set to usher in a new era of gaming and development. JoyToken’s enterprising solution will stimulate the industry’s further growth and development by offering entrepreneurial opportunities for game developers and opening access to a wide varieties of games for gamers.

JoyToken is holding a presale Token Generation Event (TGE), which kicked off on 1st December, 2018. The event, which has been scheduled to end on 13th February, 2018 will enable the public to acquire JoyTokens at the rate of $0.20 per one with a generous 50% bonus on every contribution made.

JoyToken has minted a total token supply of 700,000,000 Joy for its public sale event to be distributed as follows: 20% on the stage of pre-sale; 30% on token sale; 10% on rewards; 23% on platform needs; 12% on funding team; 3% to ambassadors and 2% on token sale Bounties

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