Ethereum and Universa-Based Cryptocollection Game UnicornGo Is Launched

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Ethereum and Universa-Based Cryptocollection Game UnicornGo Is Launched
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Combining VR and blockchain technologies, UnicornGo is a revolutionary project that will allow users to enjoy uniquely created fairy-tale world inhabited by fantasy unicorns.

This is the first decentralized online game in which players will be able to own, trade, and breed mythical pet unicorns and make money by playing with the creatures. Backed by a well-known venture investor Alexander Borodich, the project can already boast real fans of its game from all over the world.

Now based on Ethereum smart contracts technology, UnicornGo will then be transferred to the Universa platform, which provides lower transaction fees and higher speed of transfers if compared to other blockchain platforms.

UnicornGo has its own internal currency, called Candycoin, which can be exchanged for ethereum and various in-game items, such as energy, food, other unicorns, and plots of land. A total of 12,000,000 tokens were released in the game and further issue is not planned by the project, what is expected to drive the value of Candycoins as the project develops.

One of the key functionality of UnicornGO is the genetic cross-breeding mechanism developed in cooperation with real genetic scientists. Each unicorn will have a unique set of physical characteristics based on their gene linkages. Users will be able to change individual parts of the body of crypto unicorns, train them and mix several unicorns to obtain one individual with the desired qualities and abilities. Some rare traits can turn unicorns from an ordinary one to Legendary or Epic unicorn, what makes them highly desirable for crossbreeding.

GEN-0 unicorns, the first generation of these creatures, are already available for purchase on the UnicornGo website. Their sale began last month and will continue until all the 30,000 unicorns are sold. All subsequent unicorn generations will be successors of genetic heritage of the GEN-0 generation.

The chance of receiving legendary unicorn parts when developing a GEN-0 unicorn is 30% higher than in the next generations. By acquiring an ordinary unicorn at a regular price, you’ll have the opportunity to get a unique unicorn. The specific traits are given to the GEN-0 generation unicorns in a random way, but after purchasing them, users can change some of their characteristics. Those lucky players, who will manage to receive an ultimate Legendary unicorn with all the legendary traits within a one unicorn, will be able to win $10,000 in Ethereum.

The team has already started working on the next version of the platform, which will include a set of new features like tournaments and land, and is now developing a mobile version of the game. Additionally, the team is planning to integrate the UnicornGo interface with augmented reality system developed together with IZETEX.

Later this year, UnicornGo is also going to introduce the new high-tech gadget that will allow gamers to control their unicorns with the power of mind. The neural interface technology has already been developed by the innovative NeuroBasis startup, while the final design of the gadget is being prepared by a development team led by a former designer for Tesla.

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