EverGrow Serving Masses with its Revolutionary DeFi Platform Growing Leaps and Bounds

September 29th, 2021 at 6:58 pm UTC · 4 min read

EverGrow Serving Masses with its Revolutionary DeFi Platform Growing Leaps and Bounds

EverGrow Coin is a revolutionary DeFi platform that was launched recently in the market. It offers the crypto industry its unique DeFi platform, offering a lot of exciting opportunities to earn, lend, and spend and create new NFTs.

NFTs are nothing but digital collectibles that have unique ownership. These digital assets can be bought, sold, or lent for other resources, just like it is done with physical objects in the real world. The project leverages its technical advancements to offer better services for NFT holders and promises to deliver better services than its competitors.

EverGrow even finished its presale launch and broke all the records by reaching its hard cap of 450 BnB in less than seven minutes of its launch. Their current market cap of $2 Million shows their wide acceptance by the crypto community and ultra-fast growth.

EverGrowCoin’s Unique DeFi Services Include

  • NFT Lending

NFT owners can lend their NFTs to borrow against their NFTs as easily collateral. Other users who like these NFTs can offer loans in the form of cryptocurrency. The lender’s NFTs get locked in EverGrow’s smart contracts. Once the owner repays the loan, the NFT is transferred back to its owner. The platform provides attractive returns to the users who gave the loan amount to the NFT owner.

  • NFT Marketplace

Apart from lending NFTs, the marketplace provides features to sell and purchase NFTs, including those obtained via the NFT Lending platform’s liquidated collateral. It creates a competitive environment for buying NFTs at a discounted rate from their actual market value. The option to mint (create) new NFTs from user’s data is being widely appreciated by the users. It gives them the facility to take exclusive ownership of their digital creations, be it their music, fine art, digital photographs, or vacation videos.

  • Subscription Platform

EverGrow Coin’s subscription platform is a place for users to spend their $EGC (EverGrowCoin, the native token of EverGrow platform) holdings to purchase adult content. The platform allows creators and distributors of the content to list their offerings, where $EGC holders can search and buy their favorite content by paying the predefined sum of $EGC by the content providers. $EGC can also be utilized to tip and message content creators on the platform.

  • Stacking Pools

EverGrow has designed some innovative sets of smart contracts for staking pools. These contacts transfer some liquidity to their partnered tokens by buying them on their unique contract interactions. The purchased tokens are redistributed among all the pool members. This eases up the block validation, thereby increasing sustainable utility that makes cryptocurrency conversion more economical. The team of engineers behind the EverGrow Platform has devoted a significant amount of their time and expertise to design these contracts to make them one of the most economical contracts among other platforms.

  • Play-to-Earn Games

One of the essential additions to the platform is playing games and earning attractive rewards. The EverGrow platform features BSC-based online games that require the players to mix and match various combinations of “Heroes” in the game, having their unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Apart from letting users show their skills in the game, the platform also provides daily login rewards to the players and the provision to earn NFTs during the game. EverGrow mixes other platforms with the gaming one to allow users better utilize the rise of their in-game asset values.

  • dApp and Swap Exchange

EverGrow features a secure but user-friendly dApp dashboard to keep track of their growing rewards in real-time.

The EverGrow project was founded and directed by a world-renowned group of engineers, business analysts, and entrepreneurs. The team’s backbone is made up of full-stack developers “Shashank Pathak,” “Rahul S.,” and “Ummed Y,” as well as the Lead Technical Developer “Ajeet Singh.” All of these people have extensive expertise with blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The project promises to prosper all its holders by providing top-notch DeFi solutions, and the response to its presale proves strong support from its community.

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