F1Cryptos Adopts Hada DBank: A New Chapter In Islamic Digital Breakthrough

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F1Cryptos Adopts Hada DBank: A New Chapter In Islamic Digital Breakthrough

Scandinavia-based cryptocurrency trading platform F1Cryptos has announced its eagerness to adopt Hada Coin developed by Hada DBank.

The world moves more and more towards the adoption of digitalisation. Fintech is set to dominate the innovations and business development in practically every sphere of economy, including banking. Islamic banking has also begun to set its resilient and transparent methodology practices into the digital landscape, especially blockchain, bringing this antiquated industry in line with fairer decentralised practices.

Hada DBank represents itself the first digital bank to fuse Islamic Banking module with Blockchain technology. Having recognized the challenges for customers in the current banking state, Hada DBank has found a prfect solution. Within it, Blockchain technology will ensure security and transparency, whilst the Islamic Banking module will ensure ethical banking and investment in order to create a more fair and forward-thinking unit.

Hada DBank’s ethics and practices are compliant with the new-era psychology behind digital banking practices. After decades of scandals and malpractice in the financial sector, what users simply want to get is transparency and honesty.

The recent release of Hada Coin project has attracted the attention of cryptocurrency trading platform F1Cryptos, which is now going to officially adopt the token. Following a successful crowdsale, F1Cryptos is set to be a dominating platform based in Scandinavia. The digital bank will establish Hada Coin as a valuable asset on their exchange.

A recent interview with F1Cryptos partner Michael Buchbinder and Ernest Loh of Hada DBank in regards to the news has  discussed the origins and potential of Hada Dbank, the company’s vision of the cryptocurrency demographics and the reasoning behind adopting Hada Coin onto the exchange.

According to the demographic data, F1 Cryptos wishes to engage people aged 20-30, who are really embracing blockchain and its possibilities. Hada’s business model proves valuable to this demographics, seeing it reasonable to engage digital space users asking for a transparent and fair business model to interact with. Engaging younger people and winning them over creates a long term investment in trustful businesses providing honesty to its users.

F1 Cryptos has a long history of navigating the FX industry. It has found that the crypto exchanges share similar psychological mindsets when it comes to trading. Under this premise, the adoption of Hada Coin can be successful on its platform.

With F1 Cryptos previous long history as an FX brokerage, the platform seems to be uniquely experienced and positioned to access the potential of Hada DBank, and what its launch could do for the crypto-space. F1’s confidence in Hada Coin is a highly optimistic sign for Hada DBank boding its future success in the fintech.

Hada DBank’s pre-sale is currently live, with an ongoing flash sale for the first one million tokens purchased at a rate of 1ETH = 4,000 HADACoin. The pre-sale is set to end on the 28th February, 2018.

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