Exchange Platform LendingBlock Boosts the Development of the Crypto Sphere

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 4 min read
Exchange Platform LendingBlock Boosts the Development of the Crypto Sphere
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Created for both borrowers and lenders, LendingBlock brings the traditional financial tools to the world of cryptocurrencies.

It is often said that the people who thrived during the Gold Rush were the people who sold picks and shovels, not the miners. The same is true for the today’s crypto world. As the crypto economy grows, there is a building of intensity and excitement exemplified in reports of “the bubble bursting,” that’s reminiscent of the Gold Rush.

Lendingblock is an outstanding representative of the “picks and shovel” business of the crypto economy. The recent announcement of an ICO by this company raises an important issue: can these followers of Gold Rush traditions achieve the same success?

Lendingblock is an open exchange platform for both borrowers and lenders of crypto currencies. The platform enables owners of digital assets to earn passive, low risk interest income, while borrowers get an opportunity get assets needed to support trading, hedging and working capital needs.

This platform brings to the crypto world something that institutional traders and investors take for granted – something that generates billions of dollars in traditional markets. In a world-first move, Lendingblock is set to bring cross-chain securities lending to the crypto economy.

‘Best Rate, First Date’

Built on a combination of blockchain and cloud technologies, Lendingblock matches borrowers and lenders in a way that is simple, safe and transparent. Borrowers, including hedge funds, investment managers, market makers and proprietary traders, pay for access to crypto assets for an agreed interest rate and collateral.

Lenders get an opportunity to simply and safely earn additional income on long term investments without sacrificing ownership. This platform attracts institutional lenders, such as asset managers, hedge funds as well as family offices and individual participants.

Borrowers and lenders are transparently and fairly matched on a “best rate, first date” basis. Users of the platform can be confident in its security, as the actively managed collateral and advanced cryptographic security protects both borrowers and lenders.

With full cross-chain interoperability, the platform enables cross-blockchain value transfer for the crypto lending market. In short, Lendingblock created the infrastructure that can secure the future of the crypto economy.

Why Is It Exciting?

Securities lending is a multi-billion dollar market for stocks and bonds. These tools are a standard of the financial industry. Yet until now there have not been any equivalents for traditional trading practices to occur in the crypto space.

Until Lendingblock, professional investors have lacked the financial tools to be able to play in the crypto economy. The creation of lending and borrowing  platform for cryptocurrencies opens up the securities lending market to both crypto investors and enthusiasts. Lendingblock is expected to become a big player on the market: it has the potential to generate up to $300 million revenue within 3 years.

Lendingblock may be not the only crypto lending platform, but it is absolutely unique. It is the first one in the world to offer cross-blockchain lending, and the first one to comply with the highest regulatory standards.

Who Is Behind Lendingblock?

The core of Lendingblock team is represented by capital market traders and techies, united by deep hands-on experience and the passion to create something new and better in the crypto economy.

Steve Swain, Co-founder and CEO, has worked in capital markets technology in the United Kingdom, the U.S. and Australia. His experience as a FS Technology partner for Deloitte was instrumental in seeing the need for Lendingblock.

Co-Founder Linda Wang – ex-Deloitte, Entrepreneur First alumnus, and founder of peer-to-peer lending business Lendr – was the blockchain brains behind the platform.

The LND Token Pre-Sale

The ICO pre-sale goes live on the 7th April, the main sale is scheduled for the 14th April. 450,000,000 tokens are to be issued during the pre-sale. The early followers are to get rewarded with a 20% bonus. The target for the pre-sale is $7.5 million.

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