Experty Pre-ICO: Rewarding Most Loyal Supporters

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Experty Pre-ICO: Rewarding Most Loyal Supporters
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The company is aimed at driving the worldwide adoption of the digital currency, allowing users to monetize their knowledge and time via a new blockchain app.

Experty, a new blockchain startup allowing experts to monetize their skills, has unveiled its intention to reward those who have been actively involved in the project development.

Unlike other platforms where users can search for a specialist, Experty is a completely decentralized marketplace. Blockchain experts are not limited to a single platform and can share their contact data wherever they want, including Linkedin profiles, Twitter accounts, or their websites. This will enable the company to solve the problem of identity verification, as all experts’ data is already validated by third party websites. Besides, there won’t be lack of customers due to a large number of users in existing services.

Experty is now preparing to host a token generation event that will start in December 2017. According to the company, more people are starting to recognize the project’s potential, joining Experty’s growing community on Telegram and Twitter.

“We have come to realize that certain individuals in our community have been very involved with Experty, spreading awareness of our mission to spur widespread use of cryptocurrency,” the company announced in a blog post.

Due to the growth in the number of supporters, the company has decided to reward the most active people in the community by introducing the Proof-of-Care during their pre contribution stage.

“This is a very exciting time for us. We have seen our community grow rapidly. Our members are highly engaged and offer great support. We appreciate their support and need to reward them,” said Experty’s CEO, Kamil Przeorski.

Created by the CEO of blockchain company Quantstamp, Richard Ma, the concept is designed to solve some of the current issues, such as disparity in the token allocation and large market dumps after an ICO. The problem is that big investors often acquire most tokens in the beginning of the sale, leaving nothing for smaller contributors.

With Proof-of-Care, those who demonstrated the most support of the project get higher priority during the crowdsale. Experty believes that tokens should be distributed evenly among the participants who will actually use them.

“Experty is a practical application designed for widespread use. Transactions on the network are done in EXY tokens, which means users must own EXY tokens. Even and fair distribution, especially to those that will be using the application is essential to our success,” Przeorski added.

Recently, Experty was listed in as one of the most promising ICOs. The company has big expansion plans and projects to reach mass adoption in the next three years.

To receive a bonus during the pre-contribution phase, Experty requires users to review the project, invite other to their Telegram, write a blog post, get a blockchain influencer interested in our project, or share their review with other cryptocurrency groups.

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