FABA Token Bridges the Crypto Community with the Traditional Venture Capital Market

April 16th, 2018 at 2:00 pm UTC · 3 min read

Faba opens the possibility of venture capital investment to ordinary people. This was accomplished by using the Ethereum blockchain and smart-contract technology, which is believed has tremendous potential in the years to come.

With the funds raised it is planned to support 150 startups in the Czech Republic, USA and India. If there will be interesting startups with global potential in different countries, Faba will look to fund those as well.

The main goal is to support and help talented people and bring their innovative ideas to life. Faba is very much aware of the fact that there are many unrealized ideas hidden in a forgotten drawer which can positively change the world and the lives of all of us.

The name Faba comes from Latin and means bean. The inspiration came from the fairy tale “Jack and the Beanstalk”. In the story, Jack trades in his old milking cow for three magic beans, which overnight grow up to the sky and lead to a new world.

This is how Faba perceives a business idea. Jack, as the CEO, who has a great task in front of him, and the project, like the magic bean, that can grow fast and strong into a potential new world of corporations. Video

Faba is looking for a Unicorn which is a project with valuation of $ 1B on the global level.

Faba invests primarily into people and their ideas because the original concept can change through the process. Companies do not only receive the financial support, but also acquire valuable knowledge from experienced Faba mentors.

These mentors have a wealth of business experience and knowledge gained from running their own companies and successfully accomplishing their exits. Faba collaborates with Jonathan Todd, who has been successful with three exits of his web projects on the global level, Lenka Love, who has helped many startups to succeed in their goals and many others …

Faba pays extra attention to those projects that have a positive impact on the environment, education, medicine, projects that can save lives. Therefore, people who believe in their projects are strongly encouraged to sign up. 

One example of the potential support is a support given to a young scientist living in Russia. The young scientist, who is 24 years of age, has created a cell that can be implanted into the human body which can detect cells that are susceptible to oncological diseases. Such an innovative form of cancer prevention can save many lives.

“Faba understands people who are beyond the horizon of common human comprehension.”

Company is now in the PRE-ICO phase with the possible to buy a token for $ 1 and receive a 40% bonus. ICO will finish at the end of June 2018. Anyone can acquire a share of the entire portfolio of startups that Faba decides to invest in and encourage on their way. In the near future it is planned to develop and launch a mobile application through which FABA token holders will be able to track everything that is happening with their favourite startup(s).

For those who would like to participate more actively in the company’s development, Faba has created the opportunity to earn voting rights so that you can inspire projects with your feedback and help to choose the best projects.

Get FABA tokens here.Address is 0x83Af3226ca6d215F31dC0Baa0D969C06A1E5db3b

Faba is not a fairy tale. Faba is a fast-growing reality and a positive opportunity. Faba is part of this reality and what about you?