Facebook Stock Is Showing Signs of Recovering Against All Odds

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Facebook Stock Is Showing Signs of Recovering Against All Odds
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Despite the fact that Facebook has faced numerous challenges tackling sensitive ads in the political election period, yesterday FB stock started to rise and showed some signs of recovering.

Facebook (FB) stock price showed signs of recovering from the falling trend that had started forming before the market closed yesterday. The stock started reversing after hitting $207 where it is currently trading at $210.76 per share at the time of news reporting. The volatility on the Facebook stock is expected to increase as the United States approach the election period.

Despite being a small change, it represented goodwill in investors who are not sure whether to hold or dispose of the shares. Most analysts are not sure of the possible direction that the stock price is likely to end up following in the near future.

Although the shares are showing signs of pushing higher, it might be sustained as the company struggles to deal with the push and pull from policymakers regarding political ads during the campaign and election period.

Facebook is not only facing difficulties in the home ground but also abroad, whereby, Mark Zuckerberg is expected to meet with the European Union policymakers to discuss the same issues of data privacy and protection.

Facebook Stock Analysis

Using technical analysis, the current hurdle that the shares have to undergo in order for the bulls to take over the fight is getting tougher with time. The shares are in a consolidation mode, depicting the undecided nature of the investors. If the stock market price breakout to hit $216 per share, it will have given the investors some bit of confidence not to dispose but hold and wait.

On the contrary, if the shares move in the opposite direction and breakout to hit $200 per share, it will be a bad omen for the tech giant Facebook FB shares. There will be a huge drop to hit the next support zone at $175 per share, resulting in a huge loss in the company’s revenue, profit and also operating revenue.

On the Closer Scrutiny

 Although checking and using technical analysis of the company’s stock, it is prudent to check the big market movers’ action on the shares. This is due to the fact that most of them got the luxury of the know-how on the inside operation of the company. If not, their action to sell or buy depends on the future perspective of the stocks and company. 

Earlier in the week, one of the earliest investors in Facebook shares, Peter Thiel disposed of 80% of his shares in the company. Peter currently holds less than 10,000 shares which represent 0.000004% of the company.

On the other hand, Paul Pelosi, husband to Senator Nancy Pelosi, has recently bought 5,000 Facebook (FB) shares. Despite the senator’s disapproval of the company, it is a controversy worth noting. These actors show the uncertainty in the market for Facebook stock in the near future.

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