Facebook, Verizon and McDonald’s Top Wall Street’s Investments List for 2020

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Facebook, Verizon and McDonald’s Top Wall Street’s Investments List for 2020
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Experts believe that despite the uncertainty on the stock markets today, some stocks are extremely promising for investors.

Analysis streaming out from Wall Street suggests that the year 2020 has a lot of profitable stocks available for investors who choose such companies as Facebook, Verizon, and McDonald’s, among others.

Key Points

  • High yield stocks up for grabs in 2020.
  • Facebook’s politically-induced woes may finally pay off in 2020.
  • Verizon’s commitment to its core values makes it a company to watch out for in 2020.
  • McDonald’s introduces innovative ideas that are stock boosters.

McDonald’s to Become a More Customer-friendly Business

Recent operational changes within McDonald’s in terms of innovation and marketing have made the company’s stock an attractive investment choice in 2020. McDonald’s has released a new advertising campaign for the first time in many years and is also making plans to roll out a stronger breakfast menu, in addition to an upgraded chicken sandwich delicacy. Furthermore, the fast-food chain, which is known to constantly make improvements on its tech, has launched a digital customer engagement team to enhance its relationship with its customers.

McDonald’s, a fast-food restaurant chain, was established in the 1950s to make access to quality foods easy and quick for people. The foods include chicken sandwiches, burgers, coffee, pies, ice cream, fried potatoes and lots more.

The Facebook Effect

As the U.S. warms up for yet another election, Facebook will most definitely be on everyone’s lips again. Facebook is one of the companies that are not new to criticism. And now it is presently at the receiving end of it from people who believe that it is wrong for the company to allow political advertising on its website without adequate fact-check. This came after Facebook announced that only a few political ads would be allowed for people to see on its website this week.

All the same, analysts are of the opinion that a lot of money will be generated by the company from political advertising as elections draw nearer, leading to a very profitable for Facebook 2020. Also considered in the analysis is a live video feature from the company called Facebook’s Stories, which has the potential of attracting more ads viewing.

Facebook is a social media giant where users can chat live, comment on topics, watch short video clips, post news links, and share photographs.

Verizon Still on Its Original Plan

Analysts have commended Verizon for its current strategy and plan which has found a way to remain within the company’s original plan of being a connectivity and network provider. Refusing to be deterred by the new projects of its competitors, which includes ventures into media and content, Verizon has remained all about the network. All these and the company’s fiber roll-out have led analysts to conclude that Verizon will achieve important milestones in 2020.

Verizon is an American company that provides cable, broadband, and wireless services. It also happens to be the country’s largest wireless communications service provider. Its establishment came as a result of a lawsuit involving the U.S. Department of Justice and AT&T.

Among other stocks that experts believe to be very promising in 2020 are Estee LauderSimon Property Group, and ViacomCBS.

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