Fight to Fame Packs a Punch in Bangkok with Key Announcements

Place/Date: LOS ANGELES - September 25th, 2019 at 8:50 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Fight To Fame, Source: Fight To Fame

Fight To Fame, the first blockchain-based, globally integrated platform paving a new path to fame for fighters around the world, held its groundbreaking event in Thailand last Friday, September 20th. The event was well attended by the media and members of the royal family who came out to support the efforts of the Fight to Fame team.

The first press conference covered details on the blockchain technology and a decentralized voting mechanism being used to support the project.

Notable Fight to Fame team members who attended included fighting champion and Africa Ambassador Chris Van Heerden, and executive team members, including Dennis Warner (WCK President and head of the Fight to Fame Event Committee), Farzam Kalamadi (Chairman of the Board of Directors), Flex Moore (Chairman of the Action Star Reality Show), Philippe Diaz (President of Cinema Libre Studio and Chairman of the Film Committee), Tim Smithe (Spokesperson and Chairman of Global Operations) and Aaron Brill (Chairman of European Operations).

The event was announced by the world’s #1 combat tournament host Carlos Kremer, who also joined Fight to Fame last week as Chairman of the Event Committee.

According to local media accounts by SOHU,

“A total of 4 live Muay Thai events were held and guests directly used a beta-version of the Fight to Fame platform to vote on the spot for both sides of the boxing match. Carlos [Kremer], the first host of the global event hosted by the site, believes that “this means that Fight to Fame has written a new chapter in history.”.”

Tim Smithe commented,

“We are incredibly inspired by the energy our team felt during and after the event in Bangkok and are going to use it to mount the next series of events. Fight to Fame is coming to change the game, and we are ready.”

The Fight to Fame team is planning more announcements and events to come. To learn more go to

About Fight To Fame

Fight To Fame is bridging together the worlds of sports, entertainment, and technology into a new kind of global engagement platform, powered by blockchain. In Fall 2019, the company is leading a worldwide competition to discover the next action film superstar. Fight To Fame is backed by an international team of industry leaders and championship fighters with a shared vision: to uncover and nurture new talent while helping fans engage like never before.