First Global Web3 Eco Innovation Summit Come to Singapore!

May 23rd, 2022 at 8:26 pm UTC · 5 min read

In 2022, new things in the Web3 era such as Metaverse, NFT, GameFi, DAO, DeFi, etc., are completely rewriting the traditional business model, reshaping the global digital business landscape, and a new digital era is coming.

On July 14, 2022, the first Global Web3 Eco Innovation Summit – Singapore (GWEI – Singapore) will open at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

The Summit focuses on Web3 and is co-hosted by 8BTC’s new brand “DeFiDAONews” and Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), one of the six public universities in Singapore.

The Summit will invite the world’s most influential crypto teams, experts and scholars, academic institutions, investment research institutions, government and enterprise executives and other Web3 co-builders to gather in Singapore to start a high-density brainstorm.

This will be the first large-scale offline Web3 event in Southeast Asia. Global Web3 practitioners can speak freely, work together and explore new opportunities in the Web3 era.

Fully Focus on We3 and Seek the Opportunities of Innovative Technologies such as DAO, GameFi, NFT, etc.

In 2022, talents from a large number of Internet giants such as Amazon, Twitter, and Apple will flock to the Web3 world represented by blockchain technology. Some media wrote: “People from Silicon Valley: Escape from Big Company to Embrace Web3”.

In July, all topics of GWEI Singapore will focus on Web3, comprehensively covering Metaverse, NFT, GameFi / X2E, DAO, DeFi, Layer2, public chain, creator economy and other hot topics.

“In Web3 Entrepreneurship and Investment Age, Looking for the Next 1000x Projects”, “DAO: Exploring a New Paradigm of Future Organizations”, “Web3’s House of Cards: NFT+X2E+Metaverse”, “The Present and Future of Web3 Infrastructure”… …5 major themed forums to analyze the biggest entrepreneurship and investment opportunities in the Web3 era.

Crypto exchanges, investment institutions, projects focusing on blockchain games and PFP… 50+ leading Web3 companies at home and abroad will be present, covering all new technologies, new applications and new trends of Web3 in one go.

GWEI – Singapore will stand in Web3’s “global vision” and height, see the opportunities and challenges of different tracks, talk about everything, more comprehensive, more focused!

Gathering in Singapore to Explore New Web3 Practices in the City of Financial Openness

Singapore has always been a bellwether for global financial innovation and regulatory policy. Coming to Web3, Singapore has a clear policy and is friendly to startups. Leading companies such as Temasek and FTX are actively deploying, and innovation and supervision go hand in hand. Like Dubai and North America, it is attracting global Web3 technology, talents and entrepreneurial teams to settle here.

In July, when the global COVID-19 epidemic ushered in a turning point, Web3 practitioners took the lead to break through their limitations and meet in Singapore. GWEI – Singapore is a rare Web3 summit in Singapore and even in Southeast Asia in recent years.

At present, SUSS is inviting important guests from Singapore, including Temasek, MAS officials, and Singapore academia, to exchange discussions and find the underlying genes of Singapore’s “innovation”.

This is a rare opportunity to get close to the core Web3 entrepreneurs and regulators in Singapore. How can Singapore use Web3 to lead the new development of fintech? What other policies will be implemented for Web3 in the future? GWEI – Singapore will take you into a Singapore that is “progressing by leaps and bounds”.

DeFiDAONews Joins Hands with SUSS to Build a Communication and Collaboration Platform for Web3 Practitioners

2022 Global Web3 Eco Innovation Summit Singapore is jointly hosted by DeFiDAONews and Singapore University Of Social Sciences (SUSS).

SUSS is one of the six public universities in Singapore. It actively participates in the exploration and promotion of the world’s latest technologies and things, and leads scientific research and teaching in the fields of Web3, blockchain, and Metaverse. In this Summit, SUSS will make efforts in the aspects of guest invitation, agenda setting, and events organization. This is destined to be a high-end industry summit based in Singapore.

DeFiDAONews, based in the East, as a brand-new media brand launched by 8BTC based on its global business, is committed to building a high-end thought dissemination platform and cooperation and exchange platform in the Web3 era, so that more people can gain new opportunities for entrepreneurship and investment. With the help of GWEI – Singapore, DeFiDAONews will create a powerful communication and collaboration platform for Chinese-speaking Web3 entrepreneurs, with millions of traffic, and send the voice of Eastern Web3 entrepreneurs to the world.

This is a gathering of Web3 pioneers; This is a carnival of a group of innovators!

We carry the infinite vision of the digital future and dream of a new future of decentralization, innovation and fairness

The future is coming, join us and explore the possibilities of Web3 together!

About Organizers

  • DeFiDAONews

8BTC’s new overseas brand “DeFiDAONews”, based in the East, focuses on the latest development of global Web3, project trends, policies and regulations, investment and financing events, etc., through new organizational forms such as DAO, help community members filter the narrative noise in the Web3 wave and discover the truth and value.

  • The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

The sixth autonomous university in Singapore. The university is located at Clementi District, Singapore. With 5 major schools (School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences, School of Business, S R Nathan School of Human Development, School of Law and School of Science and Technology.), SUSS is a university with a rich heritage in inspiring lifelong education, and actively participate in the exploration and promotion of the latest technologies and things in the world.

JFirst Global Web3 Eco Innovation Summit Come to Singapore!

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First Global Web3 Eco Innovation Summit Come to Singapore!



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