Fish.Pro Is About to Start Its Pioneer Project Event

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Fish.Pro Is About to Start Its Pioneer Project Event
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Fish.Pro has a plan to create a customized blockchain crossroads of sorts and break the current pattern that can be spotted in the industry by carrying multiple blockchain derivatives.

The popularity of the crypto industry has skyrocketed in the last 12 months. The rate of adoption has been pushed significantly, as institutional investors and large corporations moved to get into the crypto industry. Some reports even claim that Americans are using their stimulus checks for cryptocurrency investments.

With all that has been going on, this might be a perfect time for projects to start attracting users through special programs, one project called Fish.Pro Project decided to do just that.

What Is Fish.Pro Project?

Fish.Pro Project is a new generation of blockchain platforms that were designed to be more efficient and profitable than the blockchain that came before it. The platform offers numerous crypto derivatives, and it does a lot to improve the trading experience for its users.

Its app offers a very clean UI for beginners who do not need too many complex options, but instead wish to make quick analysis and purchase. The app still provides a Pro Version, that will provide a lot more detailed information for experienced traders, who are not worried about the complexity, but the quality and the amount of data. There is even OTC Trading, where new users could easily trade fiat currencies, and the developers also have plans to launch the NFT, as well as a mining pool, so there is quite a bit of development that has yet to happen.

The project has also designed a new type of option — specialized options for short-time delivery, with a much faster delivery frequency than what traditional options can offer. It also has a much lower learning threshold, and overall, it makes for a more attractive product for new users to start and get into crypto options trading.

Fortunately, the project has a strong, competent team behind it that consists of professionals with rich financial backgrounds, many of which came from Wall Street, choosing to help advance this emerging technology with the knowledge they have gathered over the years. Many of the team members are considered experts in their field, meaning that they know what they are doing, and that they can lead this project to greatness without being delayed by the usual pitfalls that most projects’ teams tend to encounter.

The project is working on many other details, aspects, tools, features, and more. But, in the meantime, it has also created a new event that is about to start in the final days of March 2021.

What Is Fish.Pro Project’s New Event About?

Fish.Pro Is About to Start Its Pioneer Project Event

Fish.Pro has a plan to create a customized blockchain crossroads of sorts, and break the current pattern that can be spotted in the blockchain industry by carrying multiple blockchain derivatives. The project is now about to host an event that will start at the end of March, and last for 15 days.

Would-be participants can join by downloading Fish.Pro app and signing up by applying for a ‘registration code’ for as long as the event is active. After signing up, users can start completing various tasks and providing feedback to the project. In return, they receive rewards.

The project also said that users can collect points and obtain ranks, and through these ranks, they can divide up the value of 500,000 FUSD and platform items, where 1 FUSD can be exchanged for 1 USDT in 1:1. As for the platform items, they can be used to upgrade V-level after the activity ends.

Upon signing up, all users receive 5,000 Virtual USDT to start off, and can use this money to experience the new ecosystem. As they do, they are expected to provide feedback, report uncovered bugs and issues, and alike. If their feedback gets adopted, users receive points. Users can receive:

  • 10-30 points by providing suggestions that would improve the project
  • 40 points for reporting bugs on the interface
  • 70 points for reporting bugs of the function
  • Over 500 points for providing vital feedback

The project also has missions for newcomers who might not be advanced enough or tech-savvy enough to go bug hunting. These missions will bring a smaller number of points, but they can still allow users to participate. These missions mostly revolve around exploring Fish.Pro to obtain points by going through various instructions and receiving 20 points per instruction. There are also daily missions, like dealing spot trade, that can bring points, as well as Main Missions, like realizing a certain amount of trade or drawing lucky cards for points.

The project’s event seems well-thought-out, with something for everyone, and rewards for the first 300 places.

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