Following a Successful TGE, IP Exchange Announces the Launch of Demo Platform

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Following a Successful TGE, IP Exchange Announces the Launch of Demo Platform
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IPSX, the first fully-decentralized IP Sharing platform, recently announced the launch of a demo version of the platform (MVP) for sharing IP addresses after successful TGE.

IPSX‘s Token Generation Event (TGE) has ended after successfully reaching its objectives. The event opened to whitelisted participants ran from February 28 to March 5. Contributors were able to buy IPSX Tokens at the starting price of 0.0000141 ETH.

As much as 50% of IPSX Tokens were sold for 9,500 ETH per unite that makes approximately $8 million, suggesting a promising future ahead of the company. The TGE preluded the launch of a demo version of the platform (MVP) that assists in the sharing of IP addresses by creating a distributed network layer in the new web 3.0 movement.

The IPSX Platform

IPSX is the first fully decentralized IP Sharing platform based on blockchain technology for meeting the sheer market demand of scarce IPs resources for both individuals and organizations. Based in Switzerland, the IPSX team joins effort to create an open marketplace for secure IP addresses.

They aim to provide a fully transparent, decentralized ecosystem for entrepreneurs and developers where users will be able to utilize IPSX embedded tools (SDKs and APIs) in order to develop new applications on top of the already existing IPs on the IPSX sharing platform. It will become a framework and a marketplace for new applications that require IPs at their backbone (VPN providers, Data Mining software, web crawling bots, micro tasks, etc.).

Data is said to be the new resource of our times. Data Mining requires large volumes of IPs for the actors involved in the mining process to be able to perform tasks. By substantially lowering the price of IPs and solving the IPs accessibility and availability problems, IPSX is aiming to become a key building ecosystem for all the fields that require larger or smaller volumes of IPs and allowing complex applications from Data Mining and other fields to become more accessible to everyone.

In terms of the B2B targeted features, IPSX addresses mainly Data Centers, VPN providers, and businesses that rely on extensive Data Acquisition. Focusing on privacy and high security, the platform aims to combine flexible, integrated tools that allows VPNs and Data Centers to exchange IPs.

The process of IP Sharing is difficult from the perspective of matching a specific need with the offering. VPN providers currently encounter numerous issues that affect the quality of their performance. There are a finite number of IP Addresses, uneven geo-distribution of IP Addresses, which may result in IP crowding; lack of IP time usage options while most VPNs do not provide the option to pay for as much time as an IP is being used; clients are unable to provide feedback for the IP address. Using blockchain technology advantages, IPSX delivers superior services and targets a number of the pitfalls VPN suffer from.

IPSX Offers VPN Providers Scalability

The IPSX platform will enable VPNs to provide customers with the highest quality services, meeting the high demand for secure IP addresses from various locations across the globe. The platform also gives users the option to pay for the IP usage time, meaning if a user needs a remote IP for 10 minutes, he will not have to pay for an entire subscription but only the time used. This offers a solution to shortage of IP availability that is common for both users and VPN providers.

All transactions that take place on the IPSX platform will be permanently registered on the blockchain, offering full transparency and advanced security layer. This benefits the users by keeping a constant up-to-date register of all members, IPs and their purpose of use. IPSX will act as a partner to VPN vendors around the world through establishing contractual agreements between the two parties. This, in turn, will help VPN connect with as many customers as possible.

Acting like an entire ecosystem, the IPSX platform will have an internal economy based on the IPSX tokens. This allows data centers to share a full range of unused IPs in return for real-time FIAT exchangeable IPSX tokens in a secure way.

Moreover, IPSX is designed to addresses specific needs of the Data Mining industry involved web scraping and offers businesses the ability to rent large volumes of IP Addresses and plenty of usage options, including:

  • IP addresses from different geolocation;
  • Different IP address classes/host names;
  • IP addresses with a specific speed;
  • Different usage time for IP addresses (from 5 seconds, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year);
  • Accessing IP addresses via different protocols (Socks, Http);
  • Competitive pricing on IP address sharing based on all the above filters;

The successful token sale enables further development of the IPSX platform as an important part of the next phase of the web transferring into a distributed network layer.

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