Fortune Ranks Ripple as One of Best Places to Work in Bay Area

Fortune Ranks Ripple as One of Best Places to Work in Bay Area

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by Temitope Olatunji · 3 min read
Fortune Ranks Ripple as One of Best Places to Work in Bay Area
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After the analysis of thousands of feedback from employees across various workplaces in the Bay Area, Ripple was named among the top 10 in the Fortune Magazine ranking of the best workplaces in 2023.

The Great Place to Work ranking is based on employees’ experiences and general feedback about their workplaces. The data is usually gathered to see how companies can improve based on the information derived about specific needs. In conducting the analysis, they use a Trust Index survey to get qualitative and quantitative information about what is expected of good workplaces. This way, employees can share their feedback about their employers.

Ripple expressed their appreciation for the recognition in a recent tweet on its official Twitter page.

The information gathered for the survey includes how accessible and trustworthy the company’s leaders are, how employees are treated and appreciated, how they see their pay in relation to the workload, the structure, and pattern for promotions if the company has an opportunity for growth if they are proud of the work they do, and if they enjoy it, among many other yardsticks.

The employees’ feedback was then thoroughly analyzed using various criteria to form the ranking. After getting 1.3 million responses from companies with more than 7 million employees in 2022, the agency garnered close to 100,000 replies, from which they chose companies that should rank as Fortune’s Best Workplaces in the Bay Area in 2023.

95% of Ripple’s Employees Have a Conducive Work Environment

Most of the employees at Ripple, amounting to about 95% of the company’s workforce, agree that Ripple provides a conducive work environment. The high percentage is also a big deal compared to the responses from a typical workplace in the United States, which are usually around 57%.

Some of the comments made by Ripple’s employees include being able to take time off work when necessary, the freedom and independence the company grants them, the facilities provided by the company to create a comfortable workplace, and honesty and positive ethics among the management.

Ripple’s ranking of 8 out of 75 companies reveals a lot about its culture. First, it is an improvement over last year’s ranking of 34 out of 100 medium-scale best companies to work with. The company also boasts of creating a work environment that enables employees to be the best versions of themselves while also being a ground for learning and career development. The blockchain payment provider sells itself as a workplace that values its employees and has the facilities to help them bring out their real selves as they carry out innovative tasks.

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