Free Bitsgap Trading Bot Competition – Over $40,000 In Prizes!

December 14th, 2021 at 12:19 pm UTC · 2 min read

Free Bitsgap Trading Bot Competition – Over $40,000 In Prizes!
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Bitsgap’s crypto trading and automation platform has recently introduced a powerful trading bot capable of high-frequency trading while taking advantage of any price movements. Just recently, the prize pool revolving around a trading competition for this bot reached 40,000 USDt.

Bitsgap released the Scalper bot competition with the help of the KuCoin exchange. Scalper generates new revenue for cryptocurrency enthusiasts by leveraging algorithmic high-frequency trading. Moreover, the Scalper bot can take advantage of any price movement, which can prove to be extremely powerful when dealing with volatile cryptocurrencies.

Scalper employs GRID technology to adapt to ever-changing market conditions. As such, it can leverage pre-placed orders within a minimal distance to each other to maximize profit potential. The native GRID-based technology tracks prices in uptrends as well as downtrends, and compensates traders’ losses if things go awry. All Bitsgap users can benefit from low-risk automated trading on the Kucoin exchange during this ongoing competition.

Bitsgap’s Scalper is free to use. Users can have as many as five active KuCoin bots until the end of the promotion, which ends December 15, 2021. The prize pool will be split by the 250 winners who have the highest Total Yield. Moreover, the prize pool increases by 10 USDt each time a user joins the competition and currently exceeds 40,000 USDt. More information on the trading competition can be found here.

It is easy to join the Bitsgap Scalper bot promotion. This is a great way to show off the Scalper bot’s capabilities in volatile markets. This risk-free opportunity offers everyone equal chances to win, with thousands of dollars in prizes on the line!

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Bitsgap revolutionized cryptocurrency trade with the 2017 introduction of its aggregation solution. It provides coverage for over 20 major crypto exchanges and is extremely popular with both novice and experienced traders.



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